Take A Guess


In the “in universe” that is Back To The Future, October 21 is important because after Doc Brown learns about older Marty and his family, he decides Marty (who was back in 1985) and him could prevent an event that will send Marty’s future kids to jail for years to come. If it wasn’t in part because Marty saved Doc from the Libyans and for the life future Marty seemed destined to have, Doc Brown probably would have let future history unfold. Doc, Marty, and Jennifer (who was originally around because she was in the scene in the original) travel to October 21, 2015.

Once in the future Hill Valley town square with Doc off in a flying DeLorean (to presumably just pick up Einstein from a suspended animation kennel) Marty decides to explore the future. The environmental friendly future won’t hurt the dynamics of time travel which Marty can’t yet fathom. Before continuing the “mission” into the Cafe ’80s Marty visits the kind of antique store most of us would visit. Called Blast From The Past the window displays obvious (yet raises more questions) items such as a JVC camcorder and Marty’s Guess? two toned denim jacket with Art In Revolution pin. There are also inside items such as a Jaws video game and a Who Framed Roger Rabbit plush.

I bought a light wash denim hooded (removable) Guess jacket I like from Guess’ outlet eBay store on Columbus Day evening. Even with being an outlet price, it was on sale, saving me $18. I chose USPS with free shipping and may have it before or on Monday, October 21. I’ll update iRichard Roy when I have the jacket.

Photo Source: Stick PNG


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