30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Screenings Clifton/Wayne AMCs


On Friday, August 29, 2014 Ghostbusters New Jersey personnel went to meet (GBNJ) with our fans (or they might have been ghostheads) for a 30th Anniversary GHOSTBUSTERS™ Cinemark screening. I didn’t go because of the drive back to central Jersey at a much later hour. The same night the North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) and friends were meeting with fans (GBNJ) and seeing a 30th Anniversary GHOSTBUSTERS™ AMC screening. That’s the location I was planning to go to. Either way I was too tired to drive.

I was going to need as much rest as possible because on Saturday, August 30, 2014 I was headed north to familiar residential and business areas. To try not to be too tired and not get back that late I chose to see a matinee showing of GHOSTBUSTERS™ at the Clifton Commons AMC with a friend of mine who lives in the area.


It was most likely the 1:15 show time, there weren’t many people at this screening. No costumed or potential Ghostbusters recruits. I had my uniform and gear with me, in hindsight sorta wish I would have worn it anyway. As I was wearing my licensed Ghostbusters t-shirt circa 2008 at least a few people, including a kid said Ghostbusters excitedly and were complimentary, more about the franchise then the threads.

After the screening my friend and I tried a replacement Italian restaurant (the same location had previously been another chain Italian restaurant) which I could recommend if we were Italians and lived in Italy. As the sun was beginning to set on a cloudy afternoon with light rain I was debating if I would still drive further north to meet up with North Jersey Ghostbusters at 6:00 before their screening at 7 PMish show time.

I sorta dragged my friend with me. As we drove I took in somewhat scenic backroads and towns I use to drive on often. As we were nearing Wayne, it felt longer then I remembered. Was almost hard to believe I drove those routes all the time.

Not surprising we were there with plenty of time to spare. Part of my original plan was to go to Willowbrook Mall, a mall I also use to know well. I figured before doing that I’d wait and see if anyone would be coming before 6. It was about that time I saw Jody and Kenneth pulling into one of the lots. They were ready to go, I would have been ready for a walk around a plaza and a long drive home. 🙂

After Jody talked to the manager (who had been expecting us) and meeting with her and some theater staff by my car, I suited up outside, (not as I usually would) ready to see what the early evening would bring.

As an aside I worked at this very same theater (when it was a Sony ironically enough) in 1997 for a short period of time. I didn’t know how I’d feel about being there. I hardly would see movies there, wasn’t exactly convenient. Plus within three years I was working for another theater chain.

In the lobby we began taking pictures with management and theater staff. My friend Will by default became our freelance photographer. It was appreciated, I wish he could have taken every pic with cameras and phones we have access to so we’d have more of the photos that were taken.


I “Murrayed” up my uniform.


Jody, Rich, Kenneth

I, Rich was probably talking and in a need of a refreshing soft drink. I look like Vigo wanted to control me.

Friends Of Yours?


Someone Saw Ghostbusters On The First Floor

Jody and Mike ready for popcorn.

After we took more pictures with mostly complimentary ghostheads and other movie goers, we walked through the first level of AMC long halls. Looking around as we walked to the rear of the theater brought back memories. When we reached the theater doors while we were waiting for this GHOSTBUSTERS™ screening we talked to the Wayne Police, thanks for not arresting us, adult and kid ghostheads alike. We took plenty of pictures, even having one guy tell us we were his heroes. Bustin’ isn’t the only thing that can make us feel good. :p

After the barrage of photos (um sure) the screening was about to begin, with previews. The North Jersey Ghostbusters previewed they were ready to believe you by walking down the aisles with their packs, in stand-by mode. I think.

It was about this time we parted ways. I was headed back to Ocean County aka District 1.

That Was My Fault



We Came, We Saw, We Got In For Free



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