Tomorrow, March 19, 2017 members of Ghostbusters NJ and myself will be at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. This smaller show runs from 10AM-4 PM. JSCBs is in a regional shore area. One could even visit one of the area boardwalks afterwards. With games, oversized food, and beaches along the Atlantic ocean. GBNJ will have our mobile HQ (tables) with hopefully enough equipment and ectoplasm. Along with free Now Comics Slimer! New for our mobile HQ… Read More

Ghost Corps, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 3, 2015) Sony Pictures Ghostbusters office located in Culver City, CA has been known to send new Ghostbusters merchandise to fans. Sometimes as a giveaway. In recent months they’ve done this with Ghostbusters (2016) character posters, a limited baseball cap, and a Ghostbusters title logo winter hat. Whatever the reason its for ghostheads and additional free advertising. 🙂 Some of my Ghostbusters franchises friends had received those… Read More

I heard about Ghostheads in the last year. At the time I dismissed it. Hear me out. It was and is a great idea for a documentary. With the film exploring ghostheads, franchises, and Ghostbusters culture impact from around the world unless their was expendable income, to quote Ghostbusters, “Where we gonna get the money?” Writer and Director Brendan Mertens (also a ghosthead himself) had a plan. Use a fund raising site… Read More

Josh Pell, designer and founder of Nookiee unveiled at this years’s NYCC Ghostbusters footwear. These high end kicks (yeah I’m cool) besides being stylish (depending on your age and tastes) emulate our favorite Ghostbusters (which is all of them naturally) along with additional designs featuring the “no ghost” logo and Gozer. My friend Tom Gebhardt (center pic above) provided more info. They are color matched off Spengler’s GB2 uniform archived by Sony making… Read More

In the middle of November 2014 their was a (geographically speaking) a really local comic book show. Its kinda a con, the organizers call it a show. Unbeknownst to me, this same show was held last year in my town at the same place. As the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show was coming up I knew I’d be there with my Ghostbusters franchise and friends from a second New Jersey franchise. I thought as this con… Read More

On Friday, August 29, 2014 Ghostbusters New Jersey personnel went to meet (GBNJ) with our fans (or they might have been ghostheads) for a 30th Anniversary GHOSTBUSTERS™ Cinemark screening. I didn’t go because of the drive back to central Jersey at a much later hour. The same night the North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) and friends were meeting with fans (GBNJ) and seeing a 30th Anniversary GHOSTBUSTERS™ AMC screening. That’s the location I was planning… Read More

Note: Originally posted at my personal blog, iRich. If you’re not familiar the Ghostbusters movie that became a worldwide phenomenon could have been called Ghoststoppers. Ghostbusters, not to be confused with The Ghost Busters is a ’70s TV show. As Ghostbusters was being shot in 1983, Columbia, today Sony Pictures hadn’t secured the rights for the title. While filming the “end of the world is upon us” sequence with the Ghostbusters and a lot of extras shouting “Ghostbusters!,” then… Read More