Ghostheads: A Ghostbusters Documentary

I heard about Ghostheads in the last year. At the time I dismissed it. Hear me out. It was and is a great idea for a documentary. With the film exploring ghostheads, franchises, and Ghostbusters culture impact from around the world unless their was expendable income, to quote Ghostbusters, “Where we gonna get the money?”

Writer and Director Brendan Mertens (also a ghosthead himself) had a plan. Use a fund raising site where ghostheads could “actually make this happen.” Ok, so I paraphrased slightly.

It’s been working, using Indiegogo has been helping to make Ghostheads become a reality. Fundraising isn’t done yet. Depending on one’s contribution you might get a signed Ghostbusters collectible, exclusive Ghostheads merchandise, or hang with Ghostbusters at your party for a couple of hours!

Or as simple as receiving email updates.

Sounds mostly great Spengs, what is this, ECBT?

Ghostheads is a documentary that explores the extreme side of the Ghostbusters fandom. Within the documentary there will be storylines mixed in with interviews from Ghostbuster fans all over the world, such as U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Italy, and the UK to name a few places. Robin Shelby (who played Slimer in GB2) is narrating the film.

Ghostheads is more than “Hey, isn’t Ghostbusters great?!” kind of documentary. Ghostheads contains countless humanizing stories that will connect with audiences about comradery, overcoming obstacles, and that no one should ever feel alone or isolated.

Ghostheads will show what really separates a fandom from the rest. Every Ghosthead is unique. Every Franchise is its own.

Written and Directed By Brendan Mertens. Produced By Tommy Avallone. (Community College, I Am Santa Claus) Narrated By: Robin Shelby, and starring ghostheads!


While I’m not personally in it, my friends and colleagues from Ghostbusters NJ certainly are! With very good reason I’m sure. 😀 Check out a trailer below. Excellent work by the filmmakers and ghostheads!


Photos Source: Ghostheads


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