Ghost Corps Ghostbusters Winter Hat


Ghost Corps, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 3, 2015) Sony Pictures Ghostbusters office located in Culver City, CA has been known to send new Ghostbusters merchandise to fans. Sometimes as a giveaway. In recent months they’ve done this with Ghostbusters (2016) character posters, a limited baseball cap, and a Ghostbusters title logo winter hat. Whatever the reason its for ghostheads and additional free advertising. 🙂

Some of my Ghostbusters franchises friends had received those types of gifts. I had commented at least a couple of times (trust me, not annoyingly) about needing to become better friends with Ghost Corps. (Facebook) Since then I still haven’t personally written them.

Today while going through my mail I saw a manilla envelope. I wasn’t expecting anything. I had a feeling it was Ghostbusters related. I didn’t know immediately who sent it as the envelope was upside down after going through the mail slot.

Turns out it was from friend and Ghostbusters NJ member Jody. (GBNJ page) Holding the envelope I thought it might be a t-shirt. The timing would have been a great coincidence as I wrote about Ghostbusters (2016) movie theaters employee t-shirts (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, February 11, 2016) yesterday.

I opened the envelope and was pleasantly surprised to see a Ghostbusters title logo winter hat.

Growing up in an Italian family we called these kinds of winter hats by their Italian word, goopaleen. Which translated to English means “tight knit hat.” Even my father who doesn’t even have 1 percent Italian heritage always called them goopaleen.

Whether you call a winter hat, a winter hat, hat, cap, beanie, or toboggan its a Ghostbusters hat to be worn in the cold months. I can advertise Ghostbusters on my forehead! :p

I haven’t seen these winter hats in retail stores or on-line. They’re made by Concept One Accessories. If this goopaleen isn’t currently at retailers it should be during the year. Particularly the colder months.


  • Ghost Corps (Facebook)
  • Jody (GBNJ Page)
  • Ecto-Containment HQ Photographic Skillz

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