Potential Ecto Cooler Product Sample


Since last I wrote about Ecto-Cooler (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, November 27, 2015) possibly returning things had been quiet about our favorite ’80s citrus drink. Until today. Practically the first Ghostbusters news item I woke up to was physical proof of a new, Ecto-Cooler can. However, this proof comes from an eBay auction.

The auction, (link omitted as the seller doesn’t need my help in making more then currently $200 USD) doesn’t provide any proof where this can came from. In an internet age with evolving technologies that allow for very realistic fan made product creations, I’d rather take a cautious approach.

As a ghosthead who also runs a network of sites I’m open to the possibility that it could be a potential product sample. Why would that be allowed to be shown (through eBay no less) and be for sale? I highly doubt Coke would let anyone who works for them sell it. The familiarity of Pepsi’s “Pepsi Perfect” from last October comes to mind with a physical product and how they ended up being sold through eBay.

You probably kept up, (if not through me at GBI, then elsewhere) the marketing machine for Ghostbusters (2016) has been going on in both Europe and North America. I also allow for the possibility Coca~Cola and their brand Hi-C (if they’re really bringing back Ecto-Cooler) have packaging already designed. At a consumer level, the timing isn’t here yet for that marketing and product release.

If this is a fan creation, seems pretty real. With all I’ve already said the only other reason I’d doubt this is real is the “promotion” of Ghostbusters (2016) with the title logo. I’m not saying new Ecto-Cooler wouldn’t promote the new film. Its in the design. I feel like it would stand out more. i.e.: white lettering. Where is the Ghostbusters (2016) “no ghost” logo?

Whatever the case we’ll know when of if Coca~Cola actually brings back our nostalgic Ecto-Cooler.

In the meantime as I was about to publish this post the item was no longer available. I wouldn’t be surprised if a legal action was in motion or if this gets re-listed.


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