Potential Ecto Cooler Product Sample Update

Yesterday I woke up to new Ecto Cooler news. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 18, 2016) Last night as I was exiting the internet for the night their was some clarification and an update about the seeming evolution of Hi-C Ecto-Cooler.

The mystery can from the eBay seller naturally received attention about the auction. As I was preparing this post I saw it (the auction, not my site 😉 was trending on Facebook. Since it could be about me 😀 I saw my post among the feed. That’s cool.

Nearing bedtime the seller’s auction was back up with added information. Apparently the can belonged to a friend who use to work in a marketing company. However, not in a long time. From an outside point of view I could see why some related company might still send that person a product sample for upcoming marketing. My issue with the seller is if s/he had explained that from the beginning, sites likes mine could have talked more positively, etc about new Ecto-Cooler then speculating about how real this is.

What gave the seller credibility (at least with the item) is a source I can trust. That would be the ghosthead and Hi-C Ecto Cooler advocate who oversees Resurrect EctoCooler, (Facebook) a social media community organization to bring back Coke’s most beloved soft drink.

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Resurrect EctoCooler posted the above photos sorta teasing and letting ghostheads know Tetra Pak, a “leading food processing and packaging company” is sending a sample of new Ecto Cooler. Hopefully they’ll do the same for Matt at Dinosaur Dracula and more well known Ghostbusters sites that aren’t run by me. 🙂

Now it seems the chances of Coca~Cola/Hi-C bringing back Ecto Cooler have increased. We may see it in both cans and old school boxes.



4 thoughts on “Potential Ecto Cooler Product Sample Update

    • Coca~Cola did own Columbia Pictures. I vaguely think they had cross promotions internationally they didn’t even have in the US. Maybe Ecto Cooler, from their Hi-C brand was regional. As we know soda companies have done that and still do this with their brands. If anyone remembers feel free to comment.

      Hopefully the new Ecto Cooler will be distributed internationally too. Rocket Licensing might be able to give a “yes or no” about it, at least for the UK.

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  1. Paul Feig, after being asked by one fan and re-asked by WWE “Superstar” Zack Ryder, Paul Feig gave us this ‘cryptic,’ response pretty much confirming Ecto Cooler is returning.

    I also asked Paul Feig if he knew if Coke has plans to bring Ecto Cooler to the UK. If I get a response it’ll be via Twitter.

    *edit – February 20, 2016*

    Also through Twitter asked Rocket Licensing and Coke (would expect more of a response from Rocket Licensing, if they can say) if Ecto Cooler would be sold in Europe. Hopefully elsewhere, I don’t know if someone other then Coke would bring a movie tie/in drink to Mexico, South America, etc.

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