Ghostcorps Headquarters


I’ve been working (um probably for far too long) on Ghostbusters content going back to at least 2003. If I had an intern, I’d have that person get me more information and some lunch.

I never had an office where all things Ghostbusters is official, 100% legal, right by the ECTO-1, and located on Sony Pictures lot.

With a renewed interest in the GHOSTBUSTERS™ franchise, Sony and people like Ivan Reitman and oh Ghostbusters creator Dan Aykroyd created Ghostcorps. Some sort of professional place where Ghostbusters can continue expanding into a larger fan universe.

I don’t know if ghostheads are allowed to visit inside Ghostcoprps, as its located on the Sony lot, fans can certainly see the exterior along with ECTO-1 and more recently the Ghostbusters 2016 Ecto-1.

That’s what Jeff Ferguson did about a month ago, sharing a photo. I’m not sure additional photos were taken by Jeff, an album was uploaded and shared by Ghostbustersmania.

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