Not Now Comics Volume 2, Issue 5


During 1992 when N O W Comics (Ghostbusters Firehouse) were in their “now better than ever” phase, they began a new run with some new stories for their The Real Ghostbusters title. This could be a blanket statement, outside of the comics their was very little to support Ghostbusters. The hit series had ended a 7 season run a year earlier, Kenner had ended making The Real Ghostbusters toys, and Ghostbusters II™ had come and gone from theaters, at least to people’s homes.

Whether any of that played a factor in Now’s decision to end the RGB comics run I don’t know. They had been looking ahead from the Tobin and the Maze of Time story arc that had been prevalent during volume 2. The next comic, issue 5, originally scheduled a month earlier would have featured an interesting story about a ghost who for whatever reason hangs around the Pentagon and of course threatens the survival of the human race. Or at least it would if The Real Ghostbusters probably couldn’t have “zapped and trapped” in time.

I don’t know how much of issue 5 Barry Petersen, Neil Grahame, and Jim Brozman completed. It wouldn’t surprise me if the script/story is on-line. Checking out the cover, it seems to have a Ghostbusters II influence.

2 thoughts on “Not Now Comics Volume 2, Issue 5

  1. Matthew, that’s what happens when I see a “new” cover and haven’t read Annual 1992 in a very long time. 8) Thanks for letting us know.

    Speculation, with NOW’s financial situation, maybe the story and Annual ’92 was far enough along that they decided instead of continuing the monthly run which was most likely cancelled by that point, the “powers that be” decided to use the story for Annual ’92.


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