During 1992 when N O W Comics (Ghostbusters Firehouse) were in their “now better than ever” phase, they began a new run with some new stories for their The Real Ghostbusters title. This could be a blanket statement, outside of the comics their was very little to support Ghostbusters. The hit series had ended a 7 season run a year earlier, Kenner had ended making The Real Ghostbusters toys, and Ghostbusters II™ had come… Read More

“Three “ninjas” are loose on the city and committing robberies.  The catch: they’re using a werewolf! The NYPD contacts the Ghostbusters for help just as the thieves hit the Natural History Museum, taking a mummy unearthed with King-Tut. The Ghostbusters face off with the wolf at the scene, managing to free it of the collar keeping it under the ninjas’ control. The Ghostbusters get a surprise when Irene, the werewolf’s human form,… Read More