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Three years ago, almost to the day I wrote about my Hardee’s Ghostbusters II Banner. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, March 23, 2014) In my post I had shared a copy of Hardee’s Ghostbusters II commercial to my very basic YouTube channel. I eventually wanted to talk more about this Ghostbusters II fast food cross promotion.

Why now? Last weekend I sold a friend of mine the only Hardee’s Ghostbusters II Banner for sale that I knew of. I hadn’t been displaying this official piece of Ghostbusters II history. He probably will, maybe even at franchise events. That could be great for the “Official Ghostbusters II Headquarters” banner to have such a Ghostbusters purpose again.

I’m not sure why Hardee’s was chosen over other national United States fast food chains. I find it hard to believe there were more Hardee’s locations in the USA over McDonalds or Burger King. Perhaps it was financial or Hardee’s was closer to Columbia Pictures.

On a slight side note, McDonalds in Canada had at least Ghostbusters II tray liners/place mats.

As previously stated I was deprived of going to a fast food chain that celebrated Ghostbusters II. Other than what was my banner I can live vicarlously though Hardee’s blockbuster commercial.


I don’t know if this commercial began airing before Ghostbusters II was in theaters the weekend of June 16, 1989. If it was before and not just during spoiler alerts Hardee’s! Right out of our televisions ECTO-1A, (I guess we didn’t know it was 1A yet) is barreling around the city, (Culver City) at night. Maybe this was from where the Ghostbusters had left from presumably Bellevue Hospital on there way to the museum.


This isn’t from the commercial, I found some Hardee’s Ghostbusters II photos in my currently 86 folders for Ghostbusters stuff. This smaller official banner probably clung on Hardee’s restaurants windows.

Photo Source: Former eBay auction.


You know what that means. – Hardee’s manager.

I didn’t screen cap every “major” moment of the commercial. It did appear early on the Ghostbusters were driving to Hardee’s. At that perfect moment as they’re headed to some call, the only manager of a fast food chain, that I know of is very confident in his company’s location as the “official HQ.”


No wonder the manager has such confidence, they have the OFFICIAL GHOSTBUSTERS II HEADQUARTERS banner with not one, but two “no ghost” logos!


Photo Source: Probably Former eBay auction.

You think the banner is rare? Check out those Ghostbusters II advertisements that I think are in front of the registers. Advertising ‘Slimer Sundaes.’ In the background as it should be at all fast food restaurants Ray Parker Jr. “Ghostbusters” is playing. Otherwise the drive-thru employee with the Elvis sideburns dancing with full Coke cups could just be something strange.


Remember guys, we have what every Ghostbuster wants. – Dancing Hardee’s employee

Chicken sticks?” – Hardee’s employee

Was chicken sticks a real menu item? Sounds awful. Did he mean chicken strips? This high school employee is working at Hardee’s during a major movie promotion. How can he get this so wrong?

Twenty years ago I worked in a regional movie theater chain. When we had food promotions that tied into the movies, we knew what they were and knew how we would advertise them.


Ghost blasters! – happy little kid customer

Even this little kid knows it isn’t about the food, its about the tie-in toy. The Real reason Coca~Cola and Hardee’s spent a lot of buns advertising Ghostbusters II. By the way where is that kid parents?

Here’s what I really want to know, is that ECTO-1A a food container? Is it plastic so kids can play with it and later store crayons in it?

From my ghosthead associate Lanny:

“Yes the Ecto-1A container was for the food, a kenner RGB fold-out flyer, and the stickers that you would eventually put on the container itself…There was the one in question, a purple ghost, Slimer, and a “pke meter” version as well…

Photo Sources: Ghostbusters Collector, Ghostbusters Wikia


The Ghost blasters which came in 4 different colors were basically Hardee’s and I guess Columbia Pictures imaginative attempt to create a “full on” Proton Pack. When fast food customers press on a Ghost blaster, it makes a noise. In essence these are official plastic Ghostbusters II noise makers.

They’re not recommended for children under three. The commercial should have said, “Ghost blasters don’t actually catch ghosts.”


I’m not really sure it was necessary for the drive-thru employee to ask us “Who are we gonna call?” Was it contractual? The real reason to include that screen cap is for the Slimer in the background holding a plastic Hardee’s Ghostbusters II “no ghost” logo cup. I don’t know if it came with a meal or one of those purchase separately and hope you get a free refill deals.

Photo Sources: Former eBay auction, Ghostbusters Wikia


Scloleri brother definitely gets a free refill, any fill, plus all the food. Unless kids with Ghost blasters are around!


The ghost blasting noise maker unfortunately doesn’t really shoot out colorful lightening bolts. Hardee’s version of low low budget Proton streams.


Speaking of which cut to three of the Ghostbusters without really seeing their faces, (clever, plus it isn’t like the actors weren’t paid for Ghostbusters II anyways) in a court of law catching ghosts.


When you see a ghost, blast. – Confident Hardee’s manager


I don’t see a ghost. – Hardee’s only female employee

She could have been really into the spirit of Ghostbusters or pulling the Hardee’s visor over her co-worker who didn’t pay attention at the promotional meeting. Either way at least unlike that one guy she’s wearing her official Hardee’s/Ghostbusters II pin. You know that’s gotta be rare. Items like that don’t normally survive.

I kept a couple of promotional pins from when I worked at one of the movie theater chains. Something to do with Twizzlers and one of the Star Trek TNG movies.


Instead of showing any of Hardee’s food, the commercial cuts to Slimer eating. This actually looks like, (I really don’t want to look that closely, sorry Robin Shelby) a deleted scene (GBI image library) from Ghostbusters II where Louis tries to capture Slimer by baiting him with drumsticks hung in the Firehouse.


I ain’t afraid of no ghost – Hardee’s only ghostbustin’ manager

I just noticed, did Hollywood hair and make up style the manager’s eyebrows? With such confidence in the line, every customer can definitely be sold on plastic noise makers probably made in China.


In case customers aren’t nearly as confident or forgot what they can get at Hardee’s, cut back to an animated Ghost blaster! I guess a red one was his favorite.


I thought the Scoleri brothers had already been caught. As we may not have known their names or the fact they disappeared, then returned faceless Bill Murray has it covered.

They’re here! – Drive-Thru employee


After defeating Vigo, (wait who?) the Ghostbusters worked up an appetite. It isn’t for chicken sticks. The Ghostbusters are VIPs. This ghostbustin’ Hardee’s manager knows it too as he remembers dialogue from Ghostbusters.


Now that Hardee’s has you ready to believe that the Ghostbusters will be at your local Hardee’s, they finally reveal you can buy Ghost blasters which were recalled for $1.79 USD each plus tax of course. As long as you’re buying a Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin biscuit or any dessert.


Ghost blasters are okay, why didn’t Hardee’s and Coca~Cola focus on this Ghostbusters II food promotion, ‘Slimer Sundaes?’ A vanilla soft serve with ectoplasm syrup. I don’t know what it really was, it photographed beautifully.

One day later: I still don’t know what the topping really was. In an ad I didn’t upload informs customers Slimer Sundaes are bubble gum flavor. As I guess they were meant more for kids, that makes sense.

Next time you’re at Hardee’s in 1989, be sure to use these coupons for the “Ghostbusters Special” and a free Slimer Sundae.

I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. – Wimpy

The United States wasn’t the only country in the ’80s to have a Ghostbusters fast food promotion. Hopefully I’ll write about their commercials at another meal time.



One thought on “Hardee’s Ghostbusters II Commercial

  1. My ghosthead associate Lanny whose into this stuff like I am brought the Proton streams with more information about Hardee’s Ghostbusters II promotion. Why Coca~Cola didn’t just have a four minute informercial, I just don’t know.

    “Yes the Ecto-1A container was for the food, a kenner RGB fold-out flyer, and the stickers that you would eventually put on the container itself…There was the one in question, a purple ghost, Slimer, and a “pke meter” version as well…

    In addition to that Hardee’s also gave out white plastic pencil boxes with the GB and Hardee’s logos respectively…

    But it doesn’t stop there – Dale Jarrett’s #29 race car was EMBLAZIONED with the same graphics that were on the cup that summer, and yes he actually raced with it…ANNNDDD the actual Ecto-1A made appearances at selected Hardee’s resturaunts…

    So this was no mere promotion…”


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