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I wanted to post this update earlier in the month, I wanted to wait a little until I had more I could talk about. Then when the waiting was over, I was helping a friend for about two weeks build/reestablish a web site (through WordPress) I’ve been apart of for the better part of a decade. I will talk more about that in a separate post.

Even with helping him, I’ve still been on enough of a BTTF kick to continue putting together my “Marty” clothing costume. Last Friday I ordered the two shirts I would need to hopefully complete my upper half. The first shirt is a black and blue checkered patten shirt that is the closest I’ve found to the Shah Safari. It’s an IZOD Check Woven shirt, (in Mazarine blue/white) from J.C Penney’s site. It was also part of there Summer clearance. That 15% card helped with the shipping cost. It’s been shipped through USPS, hasn’t arrived yet, and the tracking information has barely been updated this morning. Hopefully I’ll have it by Monday.


The Mazarine blue/white check woven shirt arrived this afternoon. I chose standard shipping, it would have been good if the tracking had updated a little quicker. I tried it on after lunch, it fits alright, has a closer look to the Shah Safari worn by Michael J. Fox. I even briefly wore the “Deep Red” t-shirt from LL. Bean. I liked how they looked.

The other shirt I ordered is an L.L Bean unshrinkable T-shirt in a Deep Red color. This is the same tee I had ordered partially because of my “Marty” clothing costume in 2007. As an alternative, I may eventually buy a navy blue one. I know Marty seemed to like his reds, most of my life blue has been more of my color. Thankfully Marty didn’t pick out a bright red tee that Friday morning. 😉 Thanks to L.L Bean using UPS and free shipping my “deep red” t-shirt/under shirt has already arrived.

I’ve been wanting to order the “puffy” vest since 2007, I thought I may have needed to wait a little longer. When I saw that the vest I found which has been on sale had sizes and colors out of stock I decided to order before the same thing could happen. The “puffy” vest is a down vest from Lands’ End. I chose the Sangria color which to me is the closest to the “burnt orange” Class-V vest worn by Michael J. Fox. I ordered it earlier in the week, it hasn’t shipped yet.


Maybe blogging gets things done, either that or purely coincidental. 😉 I received a shipping email from Land’s End this afternoon. I’ll be able to track my order, hopefully its updates quicker then J.C Penney.

**Update, 6:35 PM**

The tracking information for Lands End is through UPS. According to UPS my delivery is scheduled for next Wednesday. I look forward to it.

I also wanted to order the mirrored aviator sun glasses. I decided to wait on that until at least next week.

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