Back To The Near Short Sleeve Shirt

I originally wrote my Back To The Near Future Research blog on September 6, 2013. I’ve updated it twice since, for organization, add information, and provide personal insight. If you read the original post or even the first update, thanks. That should be the last update for the entire research post. I may write a complete post when I’ve completed my Marty clothing costume.

J.C Penney has been having a clearance sale on summer clothing. One of the shirts I like was marked down from $30 USD to $9.99 USD. With the price (before shipping) and limited quantities with the color or size I decided to take a chance and order a plaid woven shirt, made by IZOD. I haven’t owned many shirts from IZOD and none quite like this. I’m more of a t-shirts/jeans kind of guy. I hope it fits well. If it does and the sale continues I may order the other short sleeve shirt that is closer in style to Marty’s Shah Safari one.

Here is the shirt I ordered, kinda funny IZOD calls the color/style “Fairy Tale.”

My order shipped today and should be delivered between 4-7 business days.

Update: September 13, 2013

My “Fairy Tale” shirt was delivered today, within 4 business days. Before September 9 I had never ordered anything from J.C Penney. I had a good shopping experience with them, thankfully the shirt fit and felt comfortable. J.C Penney even provided 15% off my next order. It’s good until November and if the shirt sale continues I can buy another checkered pattern shirt.


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