Back To The Near Pinheads


Major pin updates this week! First, the BC Rich Warlock Blue Electric guitar pin arrived from Seismic Music. I’m not totally sure I’ve seen a real BC Rich Warlock in person. I’ve seen guitars shaped like one. So I can’t vouch for every detail. This pin seems pretty detailed, even includes a small R on the Head. Something I hadn’t noticed when I was looking at guitar pins on their site. I know the pic is slightly crooked, it’s a little hard to scan the plastic/cardboard packaging. With the angle of the guitar pin, I like it.


Also included in the shipment were my classic Fender Green guitar picks that remind me of Kryptonite. This was more of a “fun” thing to have. Yeah, Marty played guitar at his “Battle Of The Bands” with his garage band, The Pinheads. Before they could barely get into the power love song they wrote, they were forced to stop because they were “too darn loud.” In case you didn’t know Huey Lewis played the “square administrator” who was told the same thing. Besides having hit songs from BTTF and probably being very loud, he once sued Ray Parker Jr. Huey or his label alleged that the more arguably popular “Ghostbusters” sounds too much like “I Want A New Drug.” The case is sorta legendary in the music business.

On November 12, 1955, Marty “Calvin” McFly invented rock and roll by playing a song about a kid who never learned to read or write, but “could play a guitar like he was ringing a bell.” How a bell could be played like a guitar is beyond me.  That same night Marvin Berry from The Starlighters couldn’t play guitar for all those “love birds” because he had cut his hand opening the band’s car trunk rescuing Marty. If no one else could play guitar for the rest of the evening, his parents couldn’t dance or kiss and Marty was history. If Marty had been erased, thus possibly never having the chance to go back in time in the first place, couldn’t his parents still have met, kiss at the Enchanted Under The Sea dance, and eventually have their three children? Movie logic vs sorta real life. Either way his cousin Chuck Berry would have still had one of his all time hits, “Johnny B. Goode.”

If you’re ordering guitar picks keep in mind a pack includes 12 of them. I only needed one myself. I guess they’re easy to lose, 😉 or are meant to be “disposable.” I may eventually sell most of them.

Company Critique

If you like music, play an instrument, like fashionable items like these, and of course are making your own “Marty” costume I highly recommend ordering from Seismic Music. It was easy to order from them, great communication from the company, and fast shipping thanks to First Class mail. They should have other shipping options if you need your items sooner.


Today my Art In Revolution and Fox pins arrived. The one I was most interested in is the iconic Art In Revolution pin. Last blog entry about the pins I said “I don’t think most fans are certain of the exact size.” Turns out if I had searched the internet a little more closely I would have found out that in May 2012 it seemed to confirm that the screen used pin is 1.25.” Their was a company who made reproductions of the screen used A.I.R pin. Which still brings in the mystery of how available these pins were in at least the early 1980s. The reproductions were sold through Their are still fans who own those pins. My “mini” pin is 1 inch. Mine seems a bit tiny, my scan make it seem like the right size. I like it though. Most people will never be able to tell .25 of an inch is missing from the pin.

Company Critique

If you know how to make a button/pin, the paper file is available through the RPF (and probably other places on-line) for free. I could have printed the file, I don’t have access to making a button. That’s assuming I easily could anyway. Knowing I was going to buy one, I kinda went with the first link to a Art In Revolution pin I found. It’s possible the exact 1.25″ pin is for sale somewhere. Any seller through Cafe Press is limited by the size buttons Cafe Press offers. While I made The Urban Spaceman a sale, Cafe Press handled pretty much everything else. They’re a friendly company with great communication and pretty decent shipping for Economy.


The Fox Pin is a metal pin that is taking the place of the mysterious “boomerang” pin Marty wore on his Guess denim jacket. I was able to support a charity which in recent years is linked with Back To The Future. The Fox pin has a separate metal/magnet for the “pin” part. I didn’t scan it as it is a magnet and don’t want to risk damage to fruit computers and related hardware.

Company Critique

I don’t want to be too hard on The Michael J. Fox Foundation as they are a charity and not just a company selling merchandise. Communication was generally poor from them about my order. Even with regular/standard shipping I didn’t know the pin shipped and only had an estimate of when it would be here next week. I would think if you order anything from the site, (which supports the foundation either way) and choose faster/other shipping methods you’ll at least be able to better track your order. Hopefully have a little better communication from them too.


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