Back To The Near Pinheads


Major pin updates this week! First, the BC Rich Warlock Blue Electric guitar pin arrived from Seismic Music. I’m not totally sure I’ve seen a real BC Rich Warlock in person. I’ve seen guitars shaped like one. So I can’t vouch for every detail. This pin seems pretty detailed, even includes a small R on the Head. Something I hadn’t noticed when I was looking at guitar pins on their site. I know the pic is slightly crooked, it’s a little hard to scan the plastic/cardboard packaging. With the angle of the guitar pin, I like it.


Also included in the shipment were my classic Fender Green guitar picks that remind me of Kryptonite. This was more of a “fun” thing to have. Yeah, Marty played guitar at his “Battle Of The Bands” with his garage band, The Pinheads. Before they could barely get into the power love song they wrote, they were forced to stop because they were “too darn loud.” In case you didn’t know Huey Lewis played the “square administrator” who was told the same thing. Besides having hit songs from BTTF and probably being very loud, he once sued Ray Parker Jr. Huey or his label alleged that the more arguably popular “Ghostbusters” sounds too much like “I Want A New Drug.” The case is sorta legendary in the music business.

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