New Kenner Collection Write Ups

When I began collecting real Ghostbusters six years ago I eventually wanted to write about them all and include photos. The way I did collect, wanted to write about them, and real life didn’t always allow for that.

Before I moved in July and sold some of my Kenner The Real Ghostbusters collection I took some new photos of toys I hadn’t photographed in previous years. This month I took new photos, some which also hadn’t been photographed. I didn’t necessarily plan to write about them now, that’s what I’ve mostly done.

If I still have the toys I’ve taken new photos, added a new Ecto-Containment “watermark,” and replaced them with older Ectocontainment photos.

Kenner New(s)

  1. Tombstone Tackle
  2. Green Ghost (with Proton Pack)
  3. Brain Blaster Ghost
  • I created new pages for Monsters. I haven’t written about them.
  1. Quasimodo
  2. Zombie
  3. Wolfman
  4. Mummy
  1. Nasty Neck
  2. Terrible Teeth
  3. Terror Tongue

Photo Source:

  • Ecto-Containment HQ

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