Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Monsters Art Reimagined

Imagine for a moment if Kenner was around today, similar to Playmates Toys. And that they’re a licensee for Ghostbusters. Still producing, similar to reptiles that became ninja mutants The Real Ghostbusters figures. It stands to reason Kenner (owned by Hasbro) Kenner would update either the figures, card art, or both. I don’t foresee that … More Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Monsters Art Reimagined

Kenner Monsters: Dracula

In 1989 the creative freedom Kenner exerted pretty much brought a line of figures that had little to nothing to do with The Real Ghostbusters. They’re not hero figures nor are they even ghost figures. They’re literally Monsters. Kenner in no certain terms made sure we knew what our parents were buying. Classic, perhaps vintage horror characters based … More Kenner Monsters: Dracula