Haynes Insight Ghostbusters Ectomobile Manual


Earlier this year I wrote that Inside Editions would be publishing (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, April 29, 2017) a Haynes (UK) Ghostbusters workshop manual. Written by Troy Benjamin and Marc Sumerak. Illustrations by Ian Moores.

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I was born long after the 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Miller-Meteor was built. I wouldn’t have seen a Haynes (US) manual in stores for any 1950s Cadillacs, let alone an Ectomobile.

Nearly 60 years later, Haynes, Insight Editions, Sony/Ghost Corps, and ghostheads had the foresight to add to the Ghostbusters franchise. Covering multiple Cadillacs along with vehicle equipment. While that could be enough Ghostbusters Ectomobile Owner’s Workshop Manual also delves into Ghostbusters gadgetry.

As best I can I’ve been supportive of this latest Ghostbusters book. I was going to buy a copy from the moment I heard about it. That’s all I had to do with the Ghostbusters Ectomobile book.


Before I bought a copy I had read on-line, (thanks to Proton Charging) that many ghostheads were acknowledged. I was surprised when I saw my name in print.


Thank you so much Troy BenjaminMarc Sumerak, and anyone else involved in those types of decisions.

I’m in pretty good company. 8)

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Ghostbusters Ectomobile Owner’s Workshop Manual is available at these book retailers and associated retail sites.


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