Ghostbusters Gift Bags


At least six months ago as Halloween was approaching I was busy at times getting ready to go on vacation, between future day and a couple days before Halloween. I knew I wanted to write about (then) Halloween Ghostbusters gift bags. In somewhat of a backlog clean up I’ve thought Ghostbusters gifts bags don’t just have to be for Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters.

From the creative and professional Artsy-Fartsy Mama comes the Ghostbusters® Halloween BOO bag.

I haven’t tried to make one, if I ever do now I’ll have a post to link back to for reference. Basically you’ll need a solid color bag. Black probably works best for the classic look and to make the graphic elements “pop.” Because Lindsay is more creative than me, she even provides an ectoplasmic/”no ghost” logo to cut out.

Price saving tip from Spengs:

Depending on how many you’ll be making, gift bags and tissue paper can also be bought at $1 stores.

While you’re at your store of choice buy fun sized candy. Perhaps marshmallow crispy treats. Sure you’ll find a ton closer to Halloween, (probably a day after July 4th) you can buy mixed candy in various sizes.

Small candy is great and fits into various size gift bags. Big candy companies aren’t sponsoring Ecto-Containment yet. All the non Ghostbusters logos are a little out of place. Why not “re-wrap” them with Ghostbusters iconography? Forget searching the internet Lindsay designed the wrappers to match.

2016 was a new milestone year for Ghostbusters with new merchandise for both Ghostbusters: ATC and Ghostbusters. You could find more Ghostbusters merchandise in store to include in your gift bags. It may be harder to find x item in store, Ghostbusters merchandise can usually be bought on-line.

Don’t forget the Ghostbusters card! You don’t even have to make your own or spend money buying one. Sony Pictures and big candy companies came together with a free “boo’ing” card. Away from Halloween, it may be better to have a less Halloween themed version. The creative choice is yours.



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