Empire Ghostbusters Magazine PDFs


So 5 days ago I scanned my physical copy of Empire UK from June 2016. As in my search beforehand I didn’t come across a free digital version. My scans were the covers, inside content, and thankfully just the Ghostbusters articles. After converting the files into pretty high-res and very large PDFs they were added (Ghostbusters Firehouse Blog Post, April 15, 2017) to Ghostbusters Firehouse.

Unbeknownst to me and I’m guessing most ghostheads the real, full PDF from Empire UK, June 2016 had been added to some archive of internet. I only found that out after Paul R. from Spook Central sent me an email.

Ghostheads usually can improve on what’s already been done.

Taking a combination of scans, Paul provided three versions of the Ghostbusters articles from Empire, June 2016. They’re way smaller, space saving file sizes. 🙂

Ghostbusters Firehouse Links

  1. Ghostbusters: ATC/Ghostbusters articles with 2nd cover and original title page. (PDF)
  2. Ghostbusters: ATC/Ghostbusters articles with 2nd cover and scanned title page. (PDF)
  3. Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters article with just Slimer cover. (PDF)

As for my original PDFs, they’ll remain up, ready to slow down your broadband 😀 until I otherwise need the space or Ghostbusters Firehouse once again is archived by a way back machine.



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