Dino Dan Dinobusters


Is that the actual Ghostbusters font?

I had never heard of Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures until the last week of December 2016. That would make sense as it’s a children’s show. I was at a Wal*Mart out of state when I saw the title, Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures – Dino Busters. (Amazon US) I would also see it after being back in Jersey in January 2017. By then ghostheads were sharing it on social media. As their wasn’t much else to talk about with the DVD I didn’t feel the need to write more about it, until now.

A children’s show that deals with dinosaurs, decides to spoof Ghostbusters, with a song, and Ghostbusters like montage. Who wouldn’t want to talk about this?


According to Paul R. from Spook Central Ghostbusters is spoofed throughout the 22 minute episode. The Dinobusters even have a “company” vehicle! In the montage, their is an instrumental version of “Ghostbusters” which Ray Parker Jr. is credited for. The spoof song is by Fefe Dobson. (Facebook)

Over at Critical Commons Paul has uploaded the part of Dinobusters episode with the song/montage.




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