30th Anniversary: Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1


Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich.

Originally I didn’t know how I felt about a Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1. I hadn’t owned other Pop! Rides. If it wasn’t for Funko Pop! Movies Winston I didn’t know if I would add this to my Ghostbusters collectibles. As I was building my Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters collection and waiting to own a Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1 I knew I’d get one. I didn’t know when. As I had waited nearly all year anyway it became a Christmas present.🙂


As a fan and collector if you like to keep boxes/packaging as I do, be careful with removing and storing this Pop! Ride. The cardboard seems flimsily. You think it would be stronger as it contains a heavier collectible toy.


Pop! Rides ECTO-1

It’s a fair comparison that Funko’s Pop! Rides ECTO-1 reminds ghostheads of Kenner’s ECTO-1. (Ecto-Containment) Sorta like if it was scaled down and modified to hold a single Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbuster. Then details from the real ’59 Cadillac MM Ectomobile were added.

Overall Funko’s Pop! Rides ECTO-1 has nice detailing. Could some things have been better, perhaps. Whether it was a styling cue or a licensing issue, (in a decade past a Ghostbusters licensee would also have to pony up to GM for the Cadillac rights) the front headlights aren’t exact. The real vehicles have two headlights on both sides. As Funko Pop! figures can have large circular eyes, just two circular lights are fine. They even included ECTO-1’s 1980s license plates.

Cue The Bus Boys!🙂

Funko’s ECTO-1 has a nice white paint with “no ghost” logos on its side and rear doors. The white wall tires and wheels have great detailing to them. They don’t roll since I believe these collectible Pop! Rides are meant more for display. The big let down on the passenger side is the ladder. This may sound harsh, I feel like a child drew it on construction paper, cut it out, gave it to Funko, and they added it to the car. It brought me back to a time when I could make ladders from popsicle sticks. In reality I’m not sure what happened. A bad copy from a mold? Did it melt?

The rear of Funko’s Pop! Rides ECTO-1 has great detailing, similar to the real car. Just like the front, they included an ECTO-1 ’80s license plate. Their is a minor paint issue with roof equipment. With mine at least, it seems like I could easily scratch the paint jobs.

Their are also minor paint issues with the front blue emergency lights. It doesn’t bother me, if you think of the real ’59 Cadillac Ectomobile and with Ghostbusters being 30 years old, it kinda adds “character.” Like a weathering effect. If that had been the reasoning, the same effect could have been added to the roof equipment.

The paint on some of the roof equipment i.e.: yellow tanks could have been better. When you’re not looking at a Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1 like this, it isn’t a deal breaker. Yeah, while the Funko ECTO-1 does have a nice shade of white, their are either some dusty areas or a little overspray. I haven’t looked into that more.

The double blue tubing isn’t the right color, should be more of a teal blue. I hope I’m not wrong, I can’t lose on Ghostbusters game night. Not all colors and details are screen accurate. At least Funko knew it was “blue” and not black.

Ever since Ghostbusters: The Video Game seems licensees mistakenly think the tubing is green. It wasn’t, at least not 30 years ago. Its possible when the real Ectomobile was restored for Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary it was painted this way, and that’s why some ECTO-1 products use green. For example LEGO went with a lime/neon like green.

Also, I’m not sure why the iconic red “rocket” fins have a silver trim. Maybe it’s suppose to emulate a chrome finish. I guess could be ok, Funko probably should have made it thinner.

The rear top showing the roof equipment and inside Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1. Before receiving mine I didn’t exactly know if the interior was detailed. If you were hoping it is, you might be disappointed. Its basically a black void. While I suppose Funko could have added interior detailing, you’d never really see it with a Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbuster inside.

Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1’s floor has two pegs to secure (depending on your definition) Pop! Movies Winston inside. Only Funko Winston was designed to “sit” in Funko ECTO-1 with cut outs on the underside of the boots.

Now we can finally see here that Winston’s head scale seems right when he’s Pop! riding around my kitchen.


I would have been remised if I didn’t at least put Funko Pop! Movies Dr. Ray Stantz inside Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1. As the real ectomobile was Dan Aykroyd’s vision and he would really drive ECTO-1 around NYC during the filming of Ghostbusters.

The scale and fit does seem better with Pop! Winston. If Funko Ray or any other Funko Ghostbuster was standing inside, it would be fine either way. It’s all in what a fan prefers.

With the Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters together, it’ll be time to save your toy collection after they talk to a non existent Funko Pop! Movies Lenny, who may be president by now.


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