Ghostbusters Funko Pop! Movies Roasted Stay-Puft


One of the last Ghostbusters updates that could have been part of my personal blog site, iRich should have been Funko Pop! Movies Stay-Puft variant. I was probably reorganizing the multiple sites or it was around a major holiday. Then their was that Japanese Ghostbusters month (GB Inc. Search Results) back in January.

Before I move on to new Ghostbusters collectibles write ups I finally wanted to finish with Ghostbusters Funko Pop! Movies vinyl figures. If you’d like to read any of my previous reviews/blog posts, they’re listed in iRich (under I Feel So Funko) and more directly in Funko.


As is usually the case when it comes to plastic/vinyl Stay-Puft Marshmallow man collectibles, their are variants. The variant could just be from happy to angry. Sometimes represented too with a color change to red. If its completely red, its a con/retailer exclusive. I feel Funko brought the best of both inter dimensional worlds with their Stay-Puft Pop! Movies roasted variant. Sometimes described as “battle damage” depending on a description.


No longer is Stay-Puft representative of happier times at Camp Waconda or the corporate shill of a sweets company. He was sent here because of human thoughts. Something went wrong during the process. A marshmallow mascot capable of thoughts and actions, Roasted Pop! Movies Stay-Puft is here to hurt Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters. (iRich Blog Post) And to cause property damage to the best toy firehouse!

Let’s keep a safe distance as we check out these exclusive images from the iRich Network.

popstaypuftroastedprofile popstaypuftroastedback

Oh my goodness, Roasted Funko Pop! Movies Stay-Puft is going into The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse, from Kenner!

popstaypuftroastedprofilehat popstaypuftroastedinside

The signal went out!! Must be all that inter dimensional interference. 😦


Twenty One Minutes Later…


Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters are back at HQ covered in painted marshmallow! YAY!! They’ve saved the weekend!!

This is a Stay-Puft Marshmallow collectible. I seriously doubt we’ve seen the last of it.

TV Photo Source: TheAntiSofa

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