2016 Ghostbusters Calendar


Not to be confused with the upcoming “Ghostbusters 2016” film next year, Universe Publishing (Facebook) brings ghostheads a brand new Ghostbusters calendar! Most of us didn’t even know.

Previously, Antioch Publishing produced and sold Ghostbusters calendars (Spook Central Blog Post) in 1986 (not 100% sure why it wasn’t in 1985) and Ghostbusters II calendars in 1990.

Similar (with an updated layout and high res images) to the 1986 calendar, the official Ghostbusters calendar for 2016 features scenes from Ghostbusters.

gbcal16jan gbcal16feb


The brand new Ghostbusters calendar can be bought through Amazon (US) for $11 USD and some change. Brick and mortar stores and mall calendar kiosks will probably have them too for about $15 USD.


  • Jeff Lewis (News)
  • Amazon/Universe Publishing (Photos)

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