Vinyl Sugar, a Funko company (sure that works) revealed during June three upcoming San Diego Comic Con Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz exclusives. A touch of paint + a limited number made + SDCC sticker divided by the square root of being a SDCC exclusive = second and third party mark ups on-line. As a quick aside I would have written about them sooner if it hadn’t been for personal obligations wondering if we would… Read More

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich. On June 24, 2014 Funko revealed (GBI) the upcoming SDCC Pop! Movies Ghostbusters exclusives. Immediately I knew I wanted one above all. A Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters 4 pack? With the guys covered in marshmallow? Yes please.😀 As I wasn’t going to SDCC, getting this at face value (not its limited edition, its hot right now value) wasn’t going to be easy. As is usually the… Read More

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich. Originally I didn’t know how I felt about a Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1. I hadn’t owned other Pop! Rides. If it wasn’t for Funko Pop! Movies Winston I didn’t know if I would add this to my Ghostbusters collectibles. As I was building my Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters collection and waiting to own a Funko Pop! Rides ECTO-1 I knew I’d get one. I didn’t know when. As I… Read More

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich. Early on when Funko was beginning to show (GBI) their Pop! Movies Ghostbusters figures, their wasn’t a pic to be found of Winston Zeddemore. Before Funko could receive an on-line petition ghostheads were assured Winston was to come with an Ecto-1 Pop Ride. While Pop! Movies Winston deserves a company car, fans really should have been able to buy a Pop! Movies Winston Zeddemore from the start. In… Read More

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich In August I wrote about the Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters vinyl figures I had bought from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I was missing a stand alone Pop! Movies Ghostbuster. To explain the absence I said: Pop! Dr. Venkman was unavailable as he was looking for a non existent Dana as Gatekeeper Pop! I knew I’d be receiving a Pop! Movies Dr. Peter Venkman (104) as a gift. With Christmas come… Read More

I haven’t really wondered what The Real Ghostbusters figures could look like if Funko were to make them. I’ve been more concerned with trying to complete the actual Ghostbusters Movie Pops! (iRich) figures. I did think by now we would have heard Funko could be releasing Janine, (Ghostbusters) Dana, (probably as Gatekeeper) and Louis. Again, probably as his Keymaster version. While I’ve slowly been collecting Ghostbusters Movie Pops and thinking of more Ghostbusters… Read More

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich. The Funko Pop! Movies Stay-Puft has arrived!! No 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters celebration would be complete without the marshmallow man. Is he a man though? After all he’s made of marshmallows. At some point the philosophical questions had to be thought about.

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich. In March 2014 Funko, a collectible toy company announced their Ghostbusters Pop! Movie Vinyl figures were coming for Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. Previously I wasn’t too familiar with Funko products. When it came to vinyl figures, I knew more about Mighty Muggs from Hasbro. I found out about them for the first time a couple years ago. When I saw Mighty Muggs at US toy retailer Toys ‘R Us and bought two retailer exclusive licensed… Read More