Vinyl Idolz SDCC 2015 Exclusives


Vinyl Sugar, a Funko company (sure that works) revealed during June three upcoming San Diego Comic Con Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz exclusives. A touch of paint + a limited number made + SDCC sticker divided by the square root of being a SDCC exclusive = second and third party mark ups on-line.

As a quick aside I would have written about them sooner if it hadn’t been for personal obligations wondering if we would need multiple mortgages.

Let’s take a look at these exclusive variants.


Similar to last year, (GB Inc. Blog Post) Funko/Vinyl Sugar took an upcoming Dr. Peter Venkman Vinyl Idolz and slimed him. Ectoplasmic residue was also added to the packaging.


Dr. Raymond Stantz, of course played by Dan Aykroyd pretty much loved everything Ghostbusters as he basically invented it. In Ghostbusters once Gozer was sent back to whatever dimension it was from, by proxy Stay-Puft became globs (gallons? bushels?) of marshmallows. Ray Stantz was practically covered head to toe in the stuff.

I said this last year, problem is any marshmallow variant of a Ray Stantz figure would practically be “covered” in white. Splotches on both this Vinyl Idolz figure and packaging is a necessary, yet decent compromise. Is it worth double, triple the retail value of a regular Dr. Raymond Stantz Vinyl Idolz? That’s up to a collector to decide.


Dr. Egon Spengler once felt like a floor of taxi cab. All because he had a radical idea. Harold Ramis, similar to Dan Aykroyd was also covered in a lot of marshmallow. For the SDCC exclusive Vinyl Sugar used a different paint scheme for the melted marshmallow pattern. The splotches on the packaging are the same, which makes sense.

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