Who knew that in 2019 ghostheads would need knitted Ghostbusters vinyl figures. If a robot makes them by hand, pretty much everybody! At last weeks San Diego Comic Con, Handmade By Robots revealed two upcoming Ghostbusters figures. While they aren’t the Ghostbusters, (I’m trying to picture them) ghostheads can buy a plastic knit like Slimer or Stay-Puft. Descriptions and additional photos after the break.

Ghostheads had already known Chronicle Collectibles are making high end (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, July 29, 2019) The Real Ghostbusters collectibles. During last week’s San Diego Comic Con, Chronicle Collectibles revealed their upcoming to scale Ecto-1. Toys news site, ToyArk took photos as part of their SDCC coverage. Overall this is The Real Ghostbusters series Ecto-1 I remember. As the figures aren’t posable, it stands to reason “the car” won’t have doors that open. Either way this… Read More

Inside Editions sent over additional official images with press release for the soon to arrive Tobin’s Spirit Guide. Thank you for including Ecto-Containment. This June, Insight Editions is releasing Tobin’s Spirit Guide, an immersive in-world guide based on the fictional book mentioned in the 1984 Ghostbusters film. For the first time, the public can finally pore through the pages of this legendary guide to learn all about the things that go bump in the night—from Class… Read More

Hollywood Collectibles Group who make detailed, high end movie and television collectibles is a Ghostbusters licensee. Prior to SDCC HCG had teased a Venkman figure. At SDCC Hollywood Collectibles Group had the first of hopefully more Ghostbusters statues on display. Toy Ark was in attendance to take photos. Let’s take a look at a 1/4 scale Peter Venkman.

Diamond Select Toys who will be releasing its first series of Ghostbusters Selects (GB Inc Blog Post) later this year is at San Diego Con. On display naturally are the Winston and Ray Ghostbusters Selects. Along with Louis as Keymaster ‘Ghostbuster’ Select. Originally the third figure was up in the air as figures releases can depend on licensee approval. DST’s own Zach Oats thought the third figure could be Dana as Gatekeeper. New Ghostbusters… Read More

At the end of June Funko, who had previously produced and sells a Pop! Movies ‘roasted’ Stay-Puft vinyl (iRich Blog Post) figure (which I have and believe I still need to write about) chose its angry, roasted vinyl figure for a SDCC 2015 exclusive t-shirt. The packaging is modeled after Funko’s Pop! Movies Ghostbusters packaging. I’m not sure (outside of secondary and third markets) if these will be available for retail. If you attended… Read More

Vinyl Sugar, a Funko company (sure that works) revealed during June three upcoming San Diego Comic Con Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz exclusives. A touch of paint + a limited number made + SDCC sticker divided by the square root of being a SDCC exclusive = second and third party mark ups on-line. As a quick aside I would have written about them sooner if it hadn’t been for personal obligations wondering if we would… Read More

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich. On June 24, 2014 Funko revealed (GBI) the upcoming SDCC Pop! Movies Ghostbusters exclusives. Immediately I knew I wanted one above all. A Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters 4 pack? With the guys covered in marshmallow? Yes please.😀 As I wasn’t going to SDCC, getting this at face value (not its limited edition, its hot right now value) wasn’t going to be easy. As is usually the… Read More

LEGO, the plastic brick masters who produced this summer’s ECTO-1 with mini figures set made a very large Stay-Puft marshmallow man which will be on display at next week’s San Diego Comic Con. Keep in mind should Lego decide to produce a Lego Ideas Stay-Puft, it’ll probably be closer in scale to what Brent Waller created.   Photo Sources: Lego

I didn’t see this posted on a lot of websites, now that I have the time I wanted to pass along what Mattel posted on their Facebook page, which was later updated to suppress an already niche collector market. “At this time, both of the 2014 subs and the Ecto-1 pre-sale are quite below our expectations. We want nothing more than to see both clubs and the amazing Ghostbusters vehicle move forward…. Read More

November 2013 edit: Omitted SDCC “prototype” images. As expected on Friday, July 19, 2013 Mattel unveiled what was under the black cloth. Despite the hype (from what I could observe on-line) very few ghostheads would have expected “a new car” with new 6” figures! Mattel are working closely with Sony to bring ghostheads a highly detailed Ecto-1 as part of the Epic Creations line. Mattel showed off the beginnings of what this… Read More