Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Review


This past weekend I began reviewing the theatrical version of  Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. I realized without much planning for this one review, I couldn’t review a nearly 2 hour movie in a day, not even two. I’ve been watching Ghostbusters: Answer The Call on and off when I could for about the last five days. That seems a little much.

In the last two days as I had been reviewing Ghostbusters: ATC I was putting it on Ecto-Containment along with accompanying screen caps. Which thankfully for a multi-hour movie I didn’t have to create myself, as I normally would with animated episodes.

I reviewed Ghostbusters: Answer The Call in 4 pages. My original notes without pictures was at least page 17 halfway through. This review is similar to how I review The Real Ghostbusters episodes. I added or changed categories to fit Ghostbusters: Answer The Call.

At a later date I might talk about, not necessarily review the extended version. And in another update talk about the Blu-ray features.

Ecto-Containment Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Review

Photo Source: Fan Caps

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call


In recent weeks I’ve written about Ghostbusters being back in their saddles, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 17, 2017) and The Ghost Busters. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 26, 2017) Those blog posts and episode reviews were leading to this site update.

With pages to the major parts of the Ghostbusters franchise, one hadn’t been created. That was in part because I hadn’t written much about Ghostbusters (2016)/Ghostbusters: Answer The Call at Ecto-Containment. It seemed better to me to post Ghostbusters (2016) news at Ghostbusters International as it was more business related.

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New And Mysterious Ghostbusters Film Uncovered


No need to check, you’re reading Ecto-Containment and not Unearthly News. In what was an “out of no-where,” pleasant surprise for ghostheads Ghost Corps (Facebook) shared a photo from there vault revealing deleted scenes/unused footage, and something titled “Bill Murray.” You know you want to see what’s on that film.

It’s time for another #TBT vault find! These reels came from a box in Ivan’s personal storage and we’re pretty excited to have uncovered some unreleased scenes! #Ghostbusters

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The Real Ghostbusters Soundtrack Promotion


On December 1, 2016 Sony’s Ghostbusters division Ghost Corps (Facebook) posted photos from a The Real Ghostbusters promotion they found in there vault. What ghosthead and movie fan wouldn’t want to look around in that vault!

Ghost Corps originally wrote:

Look what we found in an old storage unit at Sony! Anyone know any info about it? #RealGhostbusters#Ghostbusters#TBT

Matthew Jordan who runs Ghostbusters Wiki responded with:

Rumor has it, it was a promo for The Real Ghostbusters soundtrack and was sent out to select radio stations in 1986. I heard that from a friend.

Ghost Corps replied:

Interesting! The inside does have a space that looks like a soundtrack could fit in it, and when Slimer popped up it would have revealed it!

I also thought this promotional item was pretty interesting. While I had maybe seen it on-line through the years, never in this detail. It isn’t something I would have usually remembered anyway.

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Playmobil Ghostbusters Will Be Ready To Believe You


Playmobil (US) has been preparing (GBI Blog Post, January 9, 2017) to release their line of Ghostbusters play sets. Something that could have only been imaginable 30 years ago. If you were an older kid like myself, you didn’t imagine the two would go together. They would have then as they will today.

Playmobil revealed their upcoming Ghostbusters play sets to ghostheads. Except for what I perceive as modern packaging design, these sets feel like they could easily be re-releases from 1987.

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A Ghostbusters Animated Movie In Development


Their had been talk with the addition of Ghostbusters (2016) (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, October 8, 2014) an animated movie could also be a part of Ghostbusters future. While not officially announced yet from Sony Pictures Animation, The Hollywood Reporter  well reported this week an animated movie has been in development and a director has been hired.

Fletcher Moules, whose been behind the Clash of Clans commercials has been hired to direct. Ivan Reitman who brought Ghostbusters down to earth, directed both films, and is a producer on Ghostbusters (2016) will be one of the producers.

Ghostheads don’t know yet what Ghostbusters (80s, Real, Extreme, (probably not) 2016, etc will be in a new animated movie, what the story will be, and really any animated details. Personally I’d like to see an animated movie with the Ghostbusters that began the franchise in 1984. I’m not saying it has to take place from 1984. Either way I’ll keep an open mind and see what Ghost Corps has in mind. What would you like to see?


Ghost Corps Ghostbusters Winter Hat


Ghost Corps, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 3, 2015) Sony Pictures Ghostbusters office located in Culver City, CA has been known to send new Ghostbusters merchandise to fans. Sometimes as a giveaway. In recent months they’ve done this with Ghostbusters (2016) character posters, a limited baseball cap, and a Ghostbusters title logo winter hat. Whatever the reason its for ghostheads and additional free advertising. 🙂

Some of my Ghostbusters franchises friends had received those types of gifts. I had commented at least a couple of times (trust me, not annoyingly) about needing to become better friends with Ghost Corps. (Facebook) Since then I still haven’t personally written them.

Today while going through my mail I saw a manilla envelope. I wasn’t expecting anything. I had a feeling it was Ghostbusters related. I didn’t know immediately who sent it as the envelope was upside down after going through the mail slot.

Turns out it was from friend and Ghostbusters NJ member Jody. (GBNJ page) Holding the envelope I thought it might be a t-shirt. The timing would have been a great coincidence as I wrote about Ghostbusters (2016) movie theaters employee t-shirts (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, February 11, 2016) yesterday. Continue reading

Weekend Magazine 1984 Ghostbusters Craze


So not officially licensed.

For some of us in 1984 (if we were born then or old enough) we experienced Ghostbusters by more then seeing it in theaters multiple times. As I’ve talked about I was 6 and couldn’t really be part of the hype (i.e.: marketing experience) in that first year. I and other ghostheads around my age only had clues or bits and pieces about other ghostheads memories.

Until about now. a video surfaced, (actually during Ghostbusters 30th anniversary) which resurfaced showing how residents in Atlanta were and could be part of what news station WAGA called a craze. What they didn’t know.

As part of their weekend magazine segment we have visual (video) evidence of Ghostbusters rising popularity. i.e.: everything busters. Along with the first wave of early merchandise. Experiences in other part of the country and the world varied I’m sure. Continue reading