The Real Ghostbusters Soundtrack Promotion


On December 1, 2016 Sony’s Ghostbusters division Ghost Corps (Facebook) posted photos from a The Real Ghostbusters promotion they found in there vault. What ghosthead and movie fan wouldn’t want to look around in that vault!

Ghost Corps originally wrote:

Look what we found in an old storage unit at Sony! Anyone know any info about it? #RealGhostbusters#Ghostbusters#TBT

Matthew Jordan who runs Ghostbusters Wiki responded with:

Rumor has it, it was a promo for The Real Ghostbusters soundtrack and was sent out to select radio stations in 1986. I heard that from a friend.

Ghost Corps replied:

Interesting! The inside does have a space that looks like a soundtrack could fit in it, and when Slimer popped up it would have revealed it!

I also thought this promotional item was pretty interesting. While I had maybe seen it on-line through the years, never in this detail. It isn’t something I would have usually remembered anyway.

Here are some of the photos Ghost Corps shared.

On January 19, 2017 Ghost Corps also shared a photo of Extreme Ghostbusters toys, looking practically case fresh. Which I could have bought on sale at a Big K-Mart 17 years ago.




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