Playmobil Ghostbusters Will Be Ready To Believe You


Playmobil (US) has been preparing (GBI Blog Post, January 9, 2017) to release their line of Ghostbusters play sets. Something that could have only been imaginable 30 years ago. If you were an older kid like myself, you didn’t imagine the two would go together. They would have then as they will today.

Playmobil revealed their upcoming Ghostbusters play sets to ghostheads. Except for what I perceive as modern packaging design, these sets feel like they could easily be re-releases from 1987.


I don’t know if its the norm for Playmobil not to release groups of human figures together. Even though the first rule of play Ghostbustin’ is never bust alone, Playmobil Spengler has  it covered. Just in case, has a radio in hand.

Unless its because Playmobil Spengler is only using one hand, “it’s nice shootin’ Tex” at the dressed up ghost whom I suspect had a life in an earlier century.

  • Figures: Spengler, Ghost.
  • Total # Of Pieces:18.
  • Retail Price: $8 USD.


Playmobil Venkman has seen Ghostbusters more then a few times. As such isn’t taking any chances this time. Suited up with gear to boots he’s ready to deal with a sleep walking Dana and two (not just one!) Terror Dog.

Playmobil Venkman should really be dealing with ‘ol Zuuly with his Playmobil friends. I suspect they also have their hands full. At least Playmobil Venkman has an oversized Playmobil Ghost Trap.

  • Figures: Venkman, Dana, Zuul, Vinz Cortho.
  • Total # Of Pieces: 20.
  • Retail Price: $13 USD.


How great is this? Playmobil could have just made a Playmobil Slimer that came with another set. Hoping that the 9 year olds in us would buy some generic (Playmobil of course) food cart. This is Playmobil and Ghostbusters. Where companies take it up a level creatively and financially.

Playmobil food vendor doesn’t seem surprised to see Playmobil Slimer again. Despite the fact he thought he was ready with a pair of Playmobil tongs. Playmobil Slimer somehow seemed to not only take a hot dog, but make time to fill up a plastic cup and top it off, straw included!

With what Playmobil food vendor thought was a foolproof plan, he didn’t make time to shave at least a day prior. He should have though as he lost paying customers and Playmobil ectoplasm brings numerous health code violations.

  • Figures: Slimer, Food Vendor.
  • Total # Of Pieces: 53.
  • Retail Price: $18 USD.


It’s always easier to bust Playmobil ghosts when you have a way to get around Playmobil City. Playmobil ECTO-1 looks fairly accurate to the real ’59 Caddy combo. Nitpicky from the packaging, seems like the front lower grille has two extra lights.

Not content to let the guys go crusin’ around Playmobil City bustin ghosts, Playmobil Janine (from 5 years later) joins Playmobil Winston. Playmobil Proton Packs must have some efficiency rating as both Playmobil Winston and Playmobil Janine can bust ghosts one handed! Just in case, Playmobil Ghost Traps are at the ready.

How cool is this? Playmobil ECTO-1 sirens light up and has authentic Ghostbusters sounds. Hopefully it won’t be as loud as Trendmasters Extreme ECTO-1.

  • Figures: Zeddemore, Janine
  • Total # Of Pieces: 79.
  • Retail Price: $45 USD.


Oh my Ghostbusters cereal! (GBI Blog Post: October 8, 2014) Playmobil didn’t have to think of the most harmless thing, they did. Ghostheads are thanking them in advance.

Thirty years ago Kenner made our then dreams cone true. They weren’t thinking of the big guy picture. Playmobil knows the real Stay-Puft is 100 feet tall. As no one on this Earth has that big of a ruler, they took a standard 12 inch one and made an educated guess.

At 8″ tall, Playmobil Stay-Puft towers above Playmobil Stantz and any Playmobil Ghostbuster. Despite the fact Playmobil Stantz one handed is warming up a “man” made out of marshmallows, Playmobil Stay-Puft seems pretty content.

  • Figures: Stay-Puft, Stantz.
  • Total # Of Pieces: 9.
  • Retail Price: $20 USD.


Its arguable if Playmobil saved the best for last. If you’re going to have Playmobil Ghostbusters, equipment, ghosts, a big plastic marshmallow figure, and the car, they all need somewhere to play.

Playmobil thought (I think) of everything. A 228 piece Playmobil Ghostbusters firehouse! Reminding ghostheads very much of Kenner’s Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ.

I’m not sure why Playmobil Janine time traveled from 1989, replacing her 1984 self. Their must be an imaginative reason. It didn’t seem to alter the timeline much as Playmobil Spengler is examining Playmobil Tully. Sure, there is a Playmobil library ghost outside the firehouse. Which isn’t common unless the Playmobil Ecto-Containment Unit was shut down.

  • Figures: Spengler, Stantz, Janine, Tully, Library Ghost.
  • Total # Of Pieces: 228.
  • Retail Price: $70 USD.

Playmobil Ghostbusters sets are scheduled for retail on May 17, 2017.



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