Weekend Magazine 1984 Ghostbusters Craze


So not officially licensed.

For some of us in 1984 (if we were born then or old enough) we experienced Ghostbusters by more then seeing it in theaters multiple times. As I’ve talked about I was 6 and couldn’t really be part of the hype (i.e.: marketing experience) in that first year. I and other ghostheads around my age only had clues or bits and pieces about other ghostheads memories.

Until about now. a video surfaced, (actually during Ghostbusters 30th anniversary) which resurfaced showing how residents in Atlanta were and could be part of what news station WAGA called a craze. What they didn’t know.

As part of their weekend magazine segment we have visual (video) evidence of Ghostbusters rising popularity. i.e.: everything busters. Along with the first wave of early merchandise. Experiences in other part of the country and the world varied I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure I watched this video for the first time yesterday. I also pretty much stared in disbelief.  That mall, And a Spencer’s Gifts for most of your family to go to that also sold Ghostbusters merchandise. I wonder if the Lone Pine mall carried Ghostbusters fan club (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, June 8, 2014) memberships.



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