Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Glass Tumblers


During February’s New York Toy Fair Diamond Select Toys gave ghostheads their first look (GBI Blog Post, February 16, 2016) at Ghostbusters Glass Tumblers.

Where I wrote: (Am I suppose to quote myself?)

Depending on your age you may remember licensed character glassware. Which may have been part of a food promotion, (for a price) maybe from a gas staton, mail away, or easy as buying in store. Their was a time depending on geographic location their were Ghostbusters character glassware. Same for Ghostbusters II.

DST knows their audience (and if you’ve seen or have their BTTF glasses) and will be coming out with 4 different Ghostbusters glasses. With art that reflects the characters. These glasses also include other iconic characters and themes from Ghostbusters.

Products Description

Ghostbusters Movie Glass Tumblers

A Diamond Select Toys release! Raise a toast to the heroes of New York City! For repulsing an invasion by Gozer the Gozerian, DST has issued four commemorative tumblers featuring each of the four Ghostbusters – Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston.

Featuring all-new artwork and scene descriptions, these tumblers look like what you would have gotten back in 1984, had the original Ghostbusters movie received promotion at fast-food restaurants.

Each tumbler is packaged in a full-color window box, each sold separately. Hand-wash only.


Peter Tumbler (Item ‪#‎APR162601‬, SRP: $9.99)


Ray Tumbler (Item ‪#‎APR162602‬, SRP: $9.99)


Egon Tumbler (Item ‪#‎APR162603‬, SRP: $9.99)


Winston Tumbler (Item ‪#‎APR162604‬, SRP: $9.99)

DST Ghostbusters Glass Tumblers will be available during Fall 2016. They can currently be pre-ordered from  Diamond Select Toys and other finer retailers.


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