New And Upcoming Ghostbusters Toys Part Two

2013 Edit/Update: This blog entry originally contained shared (however without permission, although credited) photos of then upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise from Mattel/Matty Collector, and other companies. Since then I’ve tried or used multiple software to update Ecto-Containment. With the original posts being more then two years old and the products have all been released I’m opting not to share the pictures from 2011′s SDCC.

Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters 2-Pack!

It’s personal preference if you like Matty’s line of retro action The Real Ghostbusters toys. I own each Mego like figure, including a SDCC “Citizen Ghost” Peter. I would have preferred to have had a more normal/classic figure of The Real Ghostbusters. Just as well since Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters toys are classics and having an exact replica of them might take a little something away from the originals. Overall I do like them and love that Matty included The Real Ghostbusters in their Ghostbusters toy lines.

From a business stand point I didn’t know if the Retro-Action line had been successful enough to produce new figures. I was pleasantly surprised to see an upcoming Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters toy(s).

Like many fans I’ve wanted a Samhain figure since the ‘80s. This is really for another conversation, I’ve wondered why Kenner didn’t make the main “bad guys” that appeared during the series. It wouldn’t be until the late ‘90s when Trendmasters made a Samhain figure based on its look from Extreme Ghostbusters. So naturally more then a decade later when I bought that figure M.O.C from eBay, we’re finally getting a RGB Samhain.

More then that it comes paired with Janine in a RGB flight suit. I’m not nitpicking about which variant of uniform she’s wearing or even if that’s a color she wore during the series. I’m not complaining about the pair as I’m happy to have a Samhain, it would seem better if the 2-pack had Janine and The Sandman much like the RGB minimates. It’s possible Matty has other plans for The Sandman. Or not if you’re reading this in 2013.

12” Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore 2-Pack

Long before comic con ghostheads knew that we’d be getting Ghostbusters II 2-packs. Off hand I don’t know if it had been confirmed that they would be 12” figures. A friend of mine thought the first 2-pack should be Ray and Winston from the party scene before the Ghostbusters go back into business. I could agree. Only problem is we wouldn’t have had a slime blower or all the accessories that will be included with Peter and Winston. If you don’t count the packs and proton stream, it comes with 4 additional items. A KUD Meter? A toaster? Wow!

Slight nit-pick, while the accessories are plentiful, they weren’t part of the court room scene as indicated by the packaging. Winston wasn’t there long enough to bust the Scolari brothers either. I get it, if Matty went for 100% accuracy with the 2-packs we wouldn’t have the right accessories for the figures or the extras. I don’t know about you, who really needs the He-Man kid if we did have the party figure set. :p

The 12” Peter Venkman  and Winston Zeddemore 2-pack will be available this October. Not pictured, the Ghostbusters II 12” Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz. They’ll be available in Spring 2012. More details when they become available.

If getting Janine and Samhain wasn’t enough, Matty is including Slimer and a 22” firehouse diorama! It does remind me a little of Kenner’s Fire Hall/House. Without seeing it up close hopefully it’ll be as detailed as possible.

The Retro-Action 2-pack will be available in Fall 2011.

Ghost Trap

One of my favorite pieces of ghostbusting equipment as a kid was the trap. I wanted one since I was 6. The only way to have a trap before Kenner was to build one or five myself. I loved Kenner’s version of The Real Ghostbusters ghost trap. To finally be able to have a movie version, that also doubles as a Ghostbusters II trap, yes please!

The trap prop replica will be available in October 2011.

6” Vigo Scourge of Carpathia, Sorrow of Moldovia

No doubt one of the most requested figures from the Ghostbusters toy lines is Vigo. Matty made me feel like it could have been Christmas 1989 and I would have asked Santa for Vigo, Scourge of Carpathia. That is a bit wordy for the packaging.

As expected Vigo should come with his painting as an accessory. Matty made sure to include one that’s lenticular so he can “leave” the painting. If that wasn’t enough we get the Renascence era Ghostbusters and Oscar painting too!

Vigo is part of Club Ecto 1 too and will be available in December 2011.


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