New And Upcoming Ghostbusters Toys Part Three

2013 Edit/Update: This blog entry originally contained shared (however without permission, although credited) photos of then upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise from Mattel/Matty Collector, and other companies. Since then I’ve tried or used multiple software to update Ecto-Containment. With the original posts being more then two years old and the products have all been released I’m opting not to share the pictures from 2011′s SDCC.

6” Dana Barrett as Zuul

If I was asked when we’d see a Dana Barrett figure I would have said something like only if every other figure from the films was made first. Of course Dana as Zuul makes a lot more sense and we already have a 6” Louis as Vinz Clortho figure. I wouldn’t have minded a cello accessory though. =p

For some reason I didn’t think Matty would make any figure involving Sigourney Weaver. The figure as is awaits (as of July 2011) licensor approval. I could be wrong, I feel like that means pending approval from Ms. Weaver. At any rate this figure can make a nice companion to Louis as Vinz Clortho.

Dana as Zuul is part of Club Ecto 1 and will be available in April 2012.

6” The Rookie (Ghostbusters™ Video Game)

I wouldn’t say I was shocked to see “the rookie” from Ghostbusters™: The Video Game being made. I’m not against Matty branching out into the game as their could be some great ghost characters and accessories if we were to get them as either individual figures or 2-packs. I originally felt like before the video game becomes a toy line Matty should finish up with the films at least.

The Rookie is supposed to be us, the ghostheads, being a Ghostbuster like we’ve never been before. Well at least as kids or teens. All details still aren’t known, the rookie comes with presumably the modified proton pack and a ghost trap.

The Rookie is a Club Ecto 1 exclusive and will be available in April 2012. Hopefully the week of my birthday. =)

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