Back in May ghostheads found out Sony was releasing The Real Ghostbusters volumes 1-5 (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, May 5, 2016) on DVD. They were released to sorta coincide with Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. At under 60 episodes, this re-release was far from complete. TV Shows On DVD found out from their sources volumes 6-10 were coming after Labor Day. This Tuesday, September 6, 2016 as kids go back to school and in time for The Real… Read More

July Updates If you’ve stopped by Ecto-Containment in the last week, you probably noticed the black piano theme I’ve been using has been replaced. I’ve been wanting to change the layout again for sometime. I’ve been testing different designs. Depending on when you read this, the design in all likely hood has changed again. For personal, creative, and maybe technologic reasons. While I’ve been doing that I’ve also been preparing a new content… Read More

For those of us who were perplexed about not having the entire series re-released, reached out to Sony and were told at least 5 more volumes are coming on September 6, 2016. Which is the week The Real Ghostbusters premiered 30 years ago! also has the back cover art which lists the episodes.

Almost a month ago Sony announced in the press release for Ghostbusters/II 4k Blu-Rays that they were re-releasing The Real Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, April 4, 2016) to DVD this July. While ghostheads still don’t know much about the upcoming release, (such as which episodes) we get our first look at cover art thanks to

Today, Sony Pictures announced Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II will be released in ultra 4K high definition (GBI Blog Post, April 4, 2016) blu rays. With Ghostbusters (2016) about three months away, that wasn’t much of a surprise. Although I neither own a 4K TV or player, I’m glad they didn’t leave Ghostbusters II out. The *real announcement from today’s press release (glad I know people) pertains to The Real Ghostbusters. Its The Real… Read More