The Real Ghostbusters 2016 DVDs Episodes

For those of us who were perplexed about not having the entire series re-released, reached out to Sony and were told at least 5 more volumes are coming on September 6, 2016. Which is the week The Real Ghostbusters premiered 30 years ago! also has the back cover art which lists the episodes.

Well, our retail industry sources tell us that Sony is planning for MORE of these $14.95 SRP releases, starting with “Volume 6” and going on from there, hitting stores this coming September 6th, right around the back-to-school season.. Details on those are sketchy right now, but our contacts tell us to expect at LEAST a run through Volume 10 on that date, each in a similar configuration to Sony’s July 5th slate of Real Ghostbusters volumes. No word on if there are more plans beyond those.






  1. The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 1
  2. The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 2
  3. The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 3
  4. The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 4
  5. The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 5

Updated: May 17, 2016

Walmart (US) has presumably the final box art for Vols 1-5 box set. Thanks to ghosthead Jeffe Rodriguez for letting us know.


The first 5 volumes of the 2016 re-release can be pre-ordered from Amazon (US) for $14.99 USD. also has a link to Amazon (US) for a bundle of Volumes 1-5.


17 thoughts on “The Real Ghostbusters 2016 DVDs Episodes

    • My understanding from what I’ve read is these 2016 volumes will not include the features or commentaries from Time Life/Sony’s previous release. If true, I think it has more to do with marketing and price points then rights to re-use the extras.

      Some ghostheads think the new releases are (understandably) aimed at children then adults who grew up with The Real Ghostbusters. Its no coincidence Volumes 1-5 come out within 2 weeks of Ghostbusters (2016).

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    • Yeah, that may a deal breaker for ghostheads. If the prices are inexpensive enough, it still might be worth it. Just for either most of the episodes or hopefully the entire series.

      As I occasionally review episodes I might eventually get these as the only way I can get screen caps is on the computer. The software I’m using is ‘simple.’ “Rewinding” sometimes scratches a disc. Fortunately it hasn’t happened that much and on every disc I’ve used foe reviews.


  1. I think the Time Life Box set was under $180 originally which included extras such as commentaries, documentaries, episode introductions etc. Buying up to 10 volumes of these new releases will add up to $150. I’m a stickler for extras myself when buying DVDs.


    • I can agree, when I buy (mostly blu-rays) I also want the most extras if possible. Sure, I’m not going to watch them every time I watch a movie or show. I like having the option.

      True, it might. I’d be surprise if we didn’t eventually have a review of their quality by ghostheads. We’re thinking more about it then Sony probably has. These could be point of purchase for kids by their parents. To enjoy and ‘throw on’ whenever for entertainment. Instead of just for nostalgia. Naturally it could be both.

      I don’t quite remember the original price of Time Life’s set. I definitely remember using my Christmas Club (for the unfamiliar, a small amount of weekly savings in a bank up to a certain set amount) to buy The Real Ghostbusters complete series.

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  2. Does anyone know if every episode on this new release has the annoying “we’ll return to ghostbusters after these messages / we now return to the real ghostbusters” do we get to watch all episodes without this annoyance?


    • Yes, because every episode in this collection was taken directly from syndication. Odds are, Sony obtained copies direct form the producers TV programming lists.


  3. The Time Life complete collection is long out of print. Copies through secondary/third markets will most likely be expensive. All episodes of just The Real Ghostbusters (pretty sure Slimer! and… aren’t available) can be streamed through Netflix.

    The 10 volumes Sony released in both July and September 2016 have close to, not all episodes on DVD. I know as recently as end of 2017 I was still seeing those sets in Wal*Mart.


    • Have you tried looking on YouTube for the “missing” episodes? Otherwise you could try your preferred search engine for those specific episodes.

      I also checked Crackle, which is owned by Sony. They have season 1 episodes to stream. Not every episode is up from the complete 7 season run.


  4. I can understand. I’ve been helpful about the official DVD releases and where to watch legally digitally for all ghostheads. Unless you get a copy of Time Life’s sets or Sony decides to put out a new box set for ghostheads and not just parents who need to entertain small children. ie: Vol 1-10, I’ve presented all with the present options.


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