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The Real Ghostbusters 2016 DVDs Volumes 6-10

Back in May ghostheads found out Sony was releasing The Real Ghostbusters volumes 1-5 (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, May 5, 2016) on DVD. They were released to sorta coincide with Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. At under 60 episodes, this re-release was far from complete. TV Shows On DVD found… Continue Reading “The Real Ghostbusters 2016 DVDs Volumes 6-10”

The Real Ghostbusters 2016 DVDs Episodes

For those of us who were perplexed about not having the entire series re-released, TVShowsOnDVD.com reached out to Sony and were told at least 5 more volumes are coming on September 6, 2016. Which is the week The Real Ghostbusters premiered 30 years ago!… Continue Reading “The Real Ghostbusters 2016 DVDs Episodes”

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