While We Wait For New Ecto Cooler


It’s been more than a decade since I last bought Hi-C juice boxes. The only reason I did in 2003 was because Dinosaur Dracula (formerly X-Entertainment) confirmed Ecto Cooler still existed, without the name and Ghostbusters packaging.

I couldn’t tell you today (or even then) if Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen tasted anything like Ecto Cooler. It probably was fun to have a taste of childhood in the present.

With news of Ecto Cooler (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, November 27, 2015) once again trademarked from Coca~Cola and an unknown about whether ghostheads will officially have our citrus flavored drink back that reminded us of slime; what are we suppose to do in the meantime?


If you can find whatever Hi-C calls Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen these days or sorta make your own you can print off a once official Ecto Cooler label. Or a recreation for a more juice box look.


Paul Rudoff of Spook Central scanned and provided a label (most likely from a bottle) of Hi-C Ecto Cooler.


Mackenzie Yeung aka ’80s Guy made a reproduction Ecto Cooler juice box label. Print either to refresh (really Rich?) your memories or for display. When Coke/Hi-C does make the new Ecto Cooler, the two, three, or more can look great together.

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