Ghostbusters Dog Tags


Sometimes I wish obscure, odd Ghostbusters collectibles was a thing.

I find that fascinating…

This is one of multiple reasons I’m not in marketing. When I think of Ghostbusters, collecting, stuff, and what goes together, I would have never thought of Ghostbusters Dog Tags.

In a way it makes sense. Everyday men and women fight a battle, protecting people so for example they can post blogs fans read. If you’re a ghosthead and are part of a franchise, you’re also protecting people. From imaginary spirits. Or helping a charity. Or going to a con some weekend.


Cryptozoic Entertainment will be offering 24 Ghostbusters dog tags featuring images straight out of Ghostbusters. Except sorta for Slimer, which is more recent and maybe overused art. For $2.99 USD it doesn’t merit contacting a company.

Release Date: Q2, 2016

Your favorite paranormal experts are now collectible! Ghostbusters Dog Tags are comprised of 24 different Dog Tags that fans can collect, each depicting some of the film’s memorable moments and characters. Each pack also comes with a graphic checklist to make collecting and trapping, no, tracking all of your Dog Tags even easier!

For a list of dog tags and additional information check out Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Ghostbusters Dog Tags!

Photos Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment


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