Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Fan Club Kit Pre-Order

At last month’s Toy Fair New York aka NYTF, one of the collectible items Cryptozoic Entertainment had on display (GBI Blog Post, February 14, 2016) is the upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS Fan Club Collector Kit. As I was too young for the official fan club (GBI Blog Post, June 8, 2014) and somehow missed out on Ghostbusters cereal’s “Be a Ghostbuster” cereal premium (GBI Blog Post, … More Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Fan Club Kit Pre-Order

Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Trading Cards

Earlier this year Cryptozoic Entertainment who recently released Ghostbusters: The Board Game (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 29, 2015) had basically announced Ghostbusters trading cards were on their way (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, February 13, 2015) this year. Quality Ghostbusters products take time and original release dates sometimes need to be pushed ahead. Fortunately and unfortunately that will … More Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Trading Cards

Ghostbusters Dog Tags

Sometimes I wish obscure, odd Ghostbusters collectibles was a thing. I find that fascinating… This is one of multiple reasons I’m not in marketing. When I think of Ghostbusters, collecting, stuff, and what goes together, I would have never thought of Ghostbusters Dog Tags. In a way it makes sense. Everyday men and women fight … More Ghostbusters Dog Tags

Ghostbusters The Board Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment sent over an electronic email telling ghostheads web masters (I’m honored to be included!) that Cryptozoic Entertainment announced (in fact just today) that Ghostbusters: The Board Game arrives at retailers on November 11, 2015. After the break, the official press release with Ghostbusters The Board Game photos!