Rich Review: Matty Collector Ghost Trap


Intro: On October 17, 2011 Matty Collector brought ghostheads the second officially licensed Ghostbusters™ prop toy, the Ghost Trap. The first was the P.K.E Meter, which originally went on sale in December 2010. During that October Ghostbusters retail wise, Mattel had made a somewhat odd decision to sell expensive new Ghostbusters collectibles at the same time. I always felt they should have been spread out over a quarter. Personally I couldn’t afford what I wanted, which included a brand new sealed in box collectible Ghost Trap.

As the year the Earth was suppose to be destroyed by ancient culture’s beliefs began I was finally ready to buy a Matty Collector Ghost Trap from the source. I couldn’t because they were finally sold out. Not in a Mattel’s poor business practice way either. Fortunately their were some alternatives, I really didn’t want to pay a secondary or third party mark up.


I found a listing on a popular auction site with a buy it now option too. As luck would have it, the seller was in my state. I was able to buy a Matty Collector Ghost Trap for about what it would have originally cost with shipping. “Call it fate, call it karma…” 


Shipping: This is the first and only Matty Collector prop toy I didn’t buy straight from Matty Collector. Its been a couple of years, going on three in a few months. It was sent in a big enough box, well cared for, and fortunately as the package only had to travel somewhat south to me I had this in almost no time.


Cost: Matty Collector originally sold its Ghost Trap for $130 USD. I bought one from an eBay seller with shipping for approximately $10 more then what it would have originally cost me. If I could have bought it from Matty Collector I would have, a small markup kept my well being in check while I waited for it and checked a normal tracking system.

First Impression; By the time I could own one I had seen every picture and review I could. I even knew about possible flaws. i.e.: doors won’t open, detached wiring. When I took mine out from the crate box and took a look at it, I might as well have been six years old again. It seemed awesome. “It’s the real thing.” – Ray Fortunately too my Ghost Trap didn’t have any malfunctions. Although one time in part because of “user error” one of the trap doors was coming away from a hinge. I was easily able to fix it. Thankfully no further problems.

 mcghostraplasticrods mcghostraprightside

mcghostraphandleledtoggleswitch mcghostrapfuleds

Accessories: I don’t know if you would call them all accessories. The Ghost Trap includes a cable, Trap Pedal, and two orange rods. If you prefer a Ghostbusters II™ trap, the orange rods can be used in place of the silver ones. The rods can be pulled off and “snap” onto its side of the Ghost Trap.


Manual/Decals: The decals are very nice for a toy and seem to mostly match its prop counterparts. The only thing that seems to be missing is a red danger label on the bottom/underside of the Ghost Trap.

mcghostrapedalwhirediagrambox mcghostraplrgredangerlabel mcghostrapedaldiamondrelay

It’s In The Details: For a high end toy replica The Ghost Trap has some very nice detailed parts, for the look of function and playability. Is it possible Mattel could have made a few parts more real? Maybe, it could have been a sacrifice so items won’t break. It may have also been requirements to satisfy international requirements.

mcghostrapvideocable mcghostrapscrewinconnect mcghostrapvideocableconnectclose

mcghostrapblackpointerknobdangerlabel mcghostrapheatsink

mcghostrapsilverknob mcghostraplittlesquarethings

mcghostrapedal mcghostrapedalredyellowires

mcghostrapedalfrontribboncable mcghostrapedalvideoconnector

It’s One Of Our Little Toys:

The battery cover and speaker is on the bottom/underside of the Ghost Trap. It requires 4AA batteries. As always I use Duracell Quantum batteries. They have a half life of 10 years. The trap’s wheels feel sturdy enough for smooth surfaces. Without rigorous testing I wouldn’t force “throwing” a trap like a major The Real Ghostbusters episode.


 mcghostrapowertogswitchon mcghostrapedalon

With the “screw in” cable connected to the Ghost Trap and Foot Pedal, power on the top toggle switch. The Ghost Trap will power up visually and audibly. The red l.e.d lights will brighten. When you’re ready to trap your imaginative ghost, step on the Foot Pedal.

The Ghost Trap doors open, releasing an imaginative energy field to contain fictional ghosts. In the Ghostbusters films we never exactly see what the inside of the Ghost Trap looks like. Mattel envisioned (how I interpret it) this part of the trap process as a “doorway” where ghosts can enter a bigger portable space.


mcghostrapworld mcghostrapcatchinghost mcghostrapghostcaught

mcghostrapcrateredlabel mcghostrapcratebluelabel

Once you know your imaginative ghost has no chance of escaping step on the Foot Pedal again. This will activate what Mattel calls the “oh crap” suck zone. More commonly known as a “I looked at the trap Ray” moment. What happens when you look into a prop toy trap? Bright washed out lighting, kinda wanting to look away. The results are still inconclusive. The second part of the trap process quickly finishes sucking your imaginative ghosts into a multi-plastic toy. You’ll know by the change in lighting and audible sounds.

mcghostrapfull mcghostrapledblinking

Once your imaginative ghost is caught the trap doors will shut close and the P.K.E Meter (yes, that is what Matty Collector calls it) yellow l.e.d.s will power up visually and audibly indicating your pretend ghost(s) are indeed trapped until you release them. Pretty similar to Ghostbusters.™

Important Safety Tip: Never manually release any spiritual entity from a toy Ghost Trap unless your pretend client won’t pay you.


In prop mode it will at times “flash” from inside, showing your ghost wanting to get out. Their will also be a blue light representative of the small blue electrical arcs seen over a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap. The trap will also “shake” or vibrate. While it’s perfectly ok to do your best Venkman impression checking on the trap, please do not actually step on or kick your Ghostbusters collectible.

Light Is Green…

What about like in Ghostbusters (unfortunately never shown in the sequel) if you want to empty your Ghost Trap into a most likely imaginative Containment Unit? Matty Collector thought of almost everything. Their is a release button on the front of the Ghost Trap. You press/hold it as you pull the trap away from what Mattel calls a carrier. Once you’re finished quoting Dan Aykroyd, slide/push the trap part until it connects.

Personally I would seldom remove the “box,” because lets be honest how often would you want to do this if you’re not with other suited up ghostheads?


mcghostrapcarrier2 mcghostrapcarrier



This is my favorite Matty Collector (pre Epic Creations) Ghostbusters “prop toy” hands down. While not a deal breaker, and to be nit-picky I would have really liked to have seen some more realistic parts, which were modeled from their real functioning ones. I’m not complaining because if my parents had bought me this when I was a kid, I would forever be in their debt. I won’t, ghostheads have modded their Matty Collector Ghost Traps for added realism.

For how a Matty Collector Ghost Trap “works,” the original price and non monetary value are worth it. However, if you feel differently about these kinds of prop toys and already have or are planning to build a Ghost Trap reproduction, then that is probably a better option.


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