Matty Collector Ghost Trap Un-Boxing From 2012


On October 17, 2011 Matty Collector brought ghostheads the second officially licensed Ghostbusters™ prop toy, the Ghost Trap. The first was the P.K.E Meter, which originally went on sale in December 2010. During that October Ghostbusters retail wise, Mattel had made a somewhat odd decision to sell expensive new Ghostbusters collectibles at the same time. I always felt they should have been spread out over a quarter. Personally I couldn’t afford what I wanted, which included a brand new sealed in box collectible Ghost Trap.

As the year the Earth was suppose to be destroyed by ancient culture’s beliefs began I was finally ready to buy a Matty Collector Ghost Trap from the source. I couldn’t because they were finally sold out. Not in a Mattel’s poor business practice way either. Fortunately their were some alternatives, I really didn’t want to pay a secondary or third party mark up.

“Call it fate, call it karma…” I found a listing on a popular auction site with a buy it now option too. As luck would have it, the seller was in my state. I was able to buy a Matty Collector Ghost Trap for about what it would have originally cost with shipping.

Once I had it in my possession I took unboxing pictures. For whatever reason after the pictures were transferred to my MacBook Air I didn’t do anything with them for two years. For those who would still be interested, I’m sharing these original pictures. In an upcoming update sometime during October 2016 I want to review this trap with additional pictures.

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