Lego Late Holiday 2014 Catalog Features Lego ECTO-1


When I bought my LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO-1 in June, it was from LEGO’s on-line shop. When I received my order (Rich Collectibles) it included a catalog. I didn’t have any newer catalogs as I haven’t bought any LEGO sets since.With Christmas coming up, you know within a month of Thanksgiving, not Halloween this wasn’t any surprise to see a catalog in my mail today. It wouldn’t be even worth mentioning if it wasn’t for seeing a current Ghostbusters toy and collectible being advertised during Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary.

As I haven’t seen it posted I wanted to share it with other ghostheads and LEGO fans.

legolateholiday14 legolateholiday14gbe1


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