Rich Reviews: 30th Anniversary Lego Ghostbusters ECTO-1

Written for my collecting site, Rich Collectibles.


Yesterday I started working on my 30th Anniversary Lego Ghostbusters set. I documented the build for Rich Collectibles and my related Ghostbusters sites. With building this set too I can share my experience.

LEGO decided that ultimately to build 4 Ghostbusters, their proton packs, a trap, and of course their Ectomobile 508 pieces are needed. I don’t build Lego sets often, none that can be pricey, or complex. Building Lego Ecto was going to be a challenge. It’s Ghostbusters, it’s the 30th Anniversary, (my 6 year old self would have wanted to build this from Duplo) and the first and only official Ghostbusters Legos.


I would have wanted to organize the pieces anyway, Lego basically recommends one do that before building. In the above picture I had quart size zip storage bags with other organized pieces already in them. This is when I had finished grouping the pieces.



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