Hills Toy Chain Christmas Commercial Features The Real Ghostbusters Toys


Matt from Dinosaur Dracula wrote a blog post about a new collection of Christmas Commercials. While this normally isn’t news for Ecto-Containment, a prominent commercial features really case fresh Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys!

A toy chain retailer of the era, Hills Department Store had a Christmas commercial telling customers they could put 100s of toys on layaway.

As a quick aside I remember retailer K-Mart being famous for their layaway plans. Long before it was common, acceptable, and not as embarrasing at a certain other big box store.

As a mini version of Santa (or is that suppose to be an elf) is telling customers the necessary info, the camera quickly moves through the various toy aisles, only giving us a glimpse of Kenner’s Proton Packs, Nutrona Blasters, and WaterZappers for days!

No one at Hills or any other toy retailer thought we needed a better look as we couldn’t imagine a time retailers wouldn’t carry box after box of our favorite childhood toys. Looking at this commercial, its like getting a peak inside Area 51.

Photo Source: Dinosaur Dracula

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