Ghostbusters Plushie Toys

In my opinion some companies who have a license to make Ghostbusters™ merchandise don’t always produce what fans want to buy. I understand too their is a balance with ghostheads and the public. Personally I feel Toy Factory is one of the toy companies who have found that balance. Toy Factory makes plushie toys for claw game machines and related arcades where you need a certain number of tickets or coins to redeem a prize.

The 5 Ghostbusters plushies probably came as a surprise to most fans when ghosthead hawaiiangb found and originally won two of the plushies at a Walmart.

From a discussion at Ghostbusters fans the five plushies are available in two different sizes. I haven’t seen any of them in person as my local Walmart doesn’t have a claw game machine and I haven’t been able to visit places in the area that have the claw machines.

The plushies are definitely a bit nostalgic. The smaller, regular size Slimer reminds me of Kenner’s first version of the green ghost. I really like it.

Update: Ghosthead coasterg posted 2 days ago in the discussion at Ghostbusters fans that the plushies are also available as prizes on the Universal Studios midway. Most noticeably Slimer and Stay Puft.

“Collect them all” wherever claw game machines and midways are located.

The Real Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3


Matty wasn’t the only toy company at San Diego Comic Con showing us new and upcoming Ghostbusters toys. Art Asylum gave us our first taste of Series 3 in The Real Ghostbusters line. It was some taste, Series 3 are The Real Ghostbusters ghostly doubles from the first season episode Citzen Ghost.

When I was a kid I loved this episode, what fan didn’t? Its a slight sequel and inside joke to Ghostbusters years before Ghostbusters II. In the episode while Peter is being interviewed he is asked to recount how Slimer came into The Real Ghostbusters lives. Cue up a flashback that shows The Real Ghostbusters coming back to a badly damaged firehouse wearing their Ghostbusters uniforms with marshmallow “stains” still on them. Fortunately while the Ghostbusters were really busy one of them or possibly Janine took the time to order them their new colorful uniforms. I love little tidbits like this. Good thing someone did as the uniforms they wore while battling Gozer had way too much ectoplasmic radiation and needed to be destroyed. Peter was suppose to take care of this, basically forgot while they rebuilt the firehouse and a new containment unit. Too much time passed and the uniforms took on a life of their own becoming ghostly copies of The Real Ghostbusters.

Why Kenner never made the “anti Ghostbusters” is beyond me. I would have gave up my lunch money for them and all The Real Ghostbusters ghosts we’ve been getting in 2011.

8 Year Old Rich: “That’s why we have birthday parties at the arcade.” Good point, I was a smart kid.

Earlier this month Art Asylum showed us our first production shot of the Series 3 four pack which is estimated to be available on November 30, 2011 for $17.99 USD.

The Real Ghostbusters Minimates Series 2


This past July (way to stay up-to-date Spengs) Art Asylum, a Diamond Select Toys brand announced and showed off series 2 of their The Real Ghostbusters minimates.

Series 1 gave us both Ray and Egon, for some reason ($$$) even Janine. Their friends and fellow The Real Ghostbusters wouldn’t be around until Series 2. We’re also getting their faithful accountant Louis Tully (in uniform) and a happy Mr. Stay Puft. That’s what happens when you remove Gozer from the traveler.

It couldn’t get much better then that. Ah, but it does. Series 1 brought us Boogieman and Sam Hain. Series 2 bring us two more early season The Real Ghostbusters ghosts, Sandman and Killerwatt! Plus we get a “no ghost” logo ghost, part of a TRU exclusive.

ø Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore

ø Stay Puft (good) & Louis Tully (in Ghostbusters uniform)

ø Evil Slimer & Sandman (TRU Exclusive)

ø Logo Ghost & Killerwatt (TRU Exclusive)

Disappointed Louis isn’t just The Real Ghostbusters faithful accountant? Ever wish Mr. Stay Puft would just relax and dress casually? I could have been prepared to bring the big little guy to J.C Penney, Art Asylum has us covered. If your comic book store is as with it as they claim, they’ll (along with a speciality store, hmm) be selling an exclusive box set.

ø Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore

ø Angry (casual) Stay Puft & Louis Tully (with a nervous emotion)

Series 2 should retail for $17.99 USD each and is estimated to be available on September 28, 2011.

What about Series 3?

The Real Ghostbusters Minimates


Some of my favorite toys as a kid were from Lego. While other movie and animated franchises had or currently have Lego people and sets, Ghostbusters (or The Real Ghostbusters) never did. I haven’t been the only fan who would loved to have built a to spec Lego ECTO-1 for example. Without official Legos of the guys, what toy company with a Ghostbusters license could come through for us in a similar way?

That’s where Diamond Select Toys comes in. They’ve been making Ghostbusters toys since 2009. Originally I wasn’t into the lego like block headed figures. What changed my mind was a popular internet auction site for a lot of the Ghostbusters films and video game minimates series sets. I liked them more then I thought I would when I received them.

What really sold me on the minimates besides nostalgia is when I read (and saw) that Diamond Select was releasing The Real Ghostbusters minimates this year. I like Mattel’s Mego style RGB figures, however the RGB minimates feel more like an incarnation of Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters figures. Unlike Kenner or Matty (for the most part) we now have ghost toys that were actually in The Real Ghostbusters. What fan wouldn’t want a Boogieman figure?

RGB Series 1 includes the following in four separate sets:

ø Ray and Egon (same figures are also part of a 4 pack)

ø Janine (in a RGB uniform) and Slimer

ø TRU Exclusive: Boogieman & electric Terror Dog

ø Sam Hain & Egyptian ghost

Series 1 has been available since Spring 2011. Depending on store availability they can be found at a Toys ‘R Us or fine retailers near you and can be ordered on-line.

In what should be the next entry I’ll talk about the upcoming The Real Ghostbusters Series 2.


New And Upcoming Ghostbusters Toys Part Three

2013 Edit/Update: This blog entry originally contained shared (however without permission, although credited) photos of then upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise from Mattel/Matty Collector, and other companies. Since then I’ve tried or used multiple software to update Ecto-Containment. With the original posts being more then two years old and the products have all been released I’m opting not to share the pictures from 2011′s SDCC.

6” Dana Barrett as Zuul

If I was asked when we’d see a Dana Barrett figure I would have said something like only if every other figure from the films was made first. Of course Dana as Zuul makes a lot more sense and we already have a 6” Louis as Vinz Clortho figure. I wouldn’t have minded a cello accessory though. =p

For some reason I didn’t think Matty would make any figure involving Sigourney Weaver. The figure as is awaits (as of July 2011) licensor approval. I could be wrong, I feel like that means pending approval from Ms. Weaver. At any rate this figure can make a nice companion to Louis as Vinz Clortho.

Dana as Zuul is part of Club Ecto 1 and will be available in April 2012.

6” The Rookie (Ghostbusters™ Video Game)

I wouldn’t say I was shocked to see “the rookie” from Ghostbusters™: The Video Game being made. I’m not against Matty branching out into the game as their could be some great ghost characters and accessories if we were to get them as either individual figures or 2-packs. I originally felt like before the video game becomes a toy line Matty should finish up with the films at least.

The Rookie is supposed to be us, the ghostheads, being a Ghostbuster like we’ve never been before. Well at least as kids or teens. All details still aren’t known, the rookie comes with presumably the modified proton pack and a ghost trap.

The Rookie is a Club Ecto 1 exclusive and will be available in April 2012. Hopefully the week of my birthday. =)

New And Upcoming Ghostbusters Toys Part Two

2013 Edit/Update: This blog entry originally contained shared (however without permission, although credited) photos of then upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise from Mattel/Matty Collector, and other companies. Since then I’ve tried or used multiple software to update Ecto-Containment. With the original posts being more then two years old and the products have all been released I’m opting not to share the pictures from 2011′s SDCC.

Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters 2-Pack!

It’s personal preference if you like Matty’s line of retro action The Real Ghostbusters toys. I own each Mego like figure, including a SDCC “Citizen Ghost” Peter. I would have preferred to have had a more normal/classic figure of The Real Ghostbusters. Just as well since Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters toys are classics and having an exact replica of them might take a little something away from the originals. Overall I do like them and love that Matty included The Real Ghostbusters in their Ghostbusters toy lines.

From a business stand point I didn’t know if the Retro-Action line had been successful enough to produce new figures. I was pleasantly surprised to see an upcoming Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters toy(s).

Like many fans I’ve wanted a Samhain figure since the ‘80s. This is really for another conversation, I’ve wondered why Kenner didn’t make the main “bad guys” that appeared during the series. It wouldn’t be until the late ‘90s when Trendmasters made a Samhain figure based on its look from Extreme Ghostbusters. So naturally more then a decade later when I bought that figure M.O.C from eBay, we’re finally getting a RGB Samhain.

More then that it comes paired with Janine in a RGB flight suit. I’m not nitpicking about which variant of uniform she’s wearing or even if that’s a color she wore during the series. I’m not complaining about the pair as I’m happy to have a Samhain, it would seem better if the 2-pack had Janine and The Sandman much like the RGB minimates. It’s possible Matty has other plans for The Sandman. Or not if you’re reading this in 2013.

12” Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore 2-Pack

Long before comic con ghostheads knew that we’d be getting Ghostbusters II 2-packs. Off hand I don’t know if it had been confirmed that they would be 12” figures. A friend of mine thought the first 2-pack should be Ray and Winston from the party scene before the Ghostbusters go back into business. I could agree. Only problem is we wouldn’t have had a slime blower or all the accessories that will be included with Peter and Winston. If you don’t count the packs and proton stream, it comes with 4 additional items. A KUD Meter? A toaster? Wow!

Slight nit-pick, while the accessories are plentiful, they weren’t part of the court room scene as indicated by the packaging. Winston wasn’t there long enough to bust the Scolari brothers either. I get it, if Matty went for 100% accuracy with the 2-packs we wouldn’t have the right accessories for the figures or the extras. I don’t know about you, who really needs the He-Man kid if we did have the party figure set. :p

The 12” Peter Venkman  and Winston Zeddemore 2-pack will be available this October. Not pictured, the Ghostbusters II 12” Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz. They’ll be available in Spring 2012. More details when they become available.

If getting Janine and Samhain wasn’t enough, Matty is including Slimer and a 22” firehouse diorama! It does remind me a little of Kenner’s Fire Hall/House. Without seeing it up close hopefully it’ll be as detailed as possible.

The Retro-Action 2-pack will be available in Fall 2011.

Ghost Trap

One of my favorite pieces of ghostbusting equipment as a kid was the trap. I wanted one since I was 6. The only way to have a trap before Kenner was to build one or five myself. I loved Kenner’s version of The Real Ghostbusters ghost trap. To finally be able to have a movie version, that also doubles as a Ghostbusters II trap, yes please!

The trap prop replica will be available in October 2011.

6” Vigo Scourge of Carpathia, Sorrow of Moldovia

No doubt one of the most requested figures from the Ghostbusters toy lines is Vigo. Matty made me feel like it could have been Christmas 1989 and I would have asked Santa for Vigo, Scourge of Carpathia. That is a bit wordy for the packaging.

As expected Vigo should come with his painting as an accessory. Matty made sure to include one that’s lenticular so he can “leave” the painting. If that wasn’t enough we get the Renascence era Ghostbusters and Oscar painting too!

Vigo is part of Club Ecto 1 too and will be available in December 2011.

New And Upcoming Ghostbusters Toys Part One

2013 Edit/Update: This blog entry originally contained shared (however without permission, although credited) photos of then upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise from Mattel/Matty Collector, and other companies. Since then I’ve tried or used multiple software to update Ecto-Containment. With the original posts being more then two years old and the products have all been released I’m opting not to share the pictures from 2011′s SDCC.

This entry could have been written the weekend of or shortly thereafter this year’s San Diego Comic Con. While I followed the stream of incoming toy news I was working on The Real Ghostbusters magazines updates. I wanted to finish with them all before moving on to the new toys. For a number of reasons I wasn’t able to accomplish that 100% until this past weekend.

Since I’ve began reading about and seeing pictures of the Ghostbusters™ toys that will be out the rest of this year and into 2012 I’ve been wanting to give my take on them.

20” Stay Puft “Gozer The Destroyer!” Marshmallow Man

Ghostbusters fans knew about the biggest/tallest Stay Puft toy ever created before SDCC. Pre-orders for comic con meant the big guy could be picked up there first. The remaining inventory was to be sold on August 1 on Matty’s site. Mostly due to demand they didn’t have enough stock at the con and enough inventory to fill every order the first week of August. Besides the demand, part of the problem may have been Matty allowing anyone to buy up to six 20” marshmallow men. That’s a lot of fluff! Hopefully by now all backorders have been fulfilled.

I originally had mixed feelings about another Stay Puft figure. Between Slimer (another topic) and Stay Puft we seem to have had a lot of them through the years. This almost 2 foot tall collectible was to be made of a soft foam of sorts. Would it hold up over the years? The price tag was a little hard to justify as well.

Since fans didn’t expect it, many, including myself probably bought National Entertainment Collectibles Association’s (N.E.C.A) 15” Stay Puft toy in 2004. However, N.E.C.A’s didn’t really have the right look for a Stay Puft, was made out of a hard plastic of sorts, and isn’t to scale with Matty’s 6” Ghostbusters. It all seemed understandable as no other toy company had ever released Gozer The Destroyer in a “scene in a suitcase” with a diorama before!

As a fan and a collector I felt all of this was unique and that the production run would be kept low. For a time their were rumors that eventually Matty could release this Stay Puft with an “angry” face sans scene in a suitcase. Only time will tell.

“Ready To Believe You” Egon & Peter

In August 2010 Matty released the first figure to wear a lab coat. This 6” “lab coat” Ray wears a blue lab coat from the infamous “We’re ready to believe you!” commercial spot. Ray came with the famous “ghost sniffer” and the subway ghost. Without “lab coat” Egon and Peter, the figure line felt incomplete. It was inevitable that Matty would eventually release both “lab coats” Egon and Peter.

A year later Matty announced both “Ready to Believe You” Egon and Peter. Both are and will be apart of the Club Ecto 1 subscription as well.

One thing that’s great about this toy line are the ghost accessories, perhaps getting the toys we would have wanted in the 80’s.

Egon comes with the library ghost and 3 P.K.E Meters in various stages of detecting the library ghost. I can understand the reasoning this ghost is the accessory for Egon. Since 1984 it always seemed like this was Ray’s first “go to” ghost. It’s a very slight nit pick.

RTBY Peter comes with a video camera (sans that tape Dr. Venkman erased last week) and the taxi cab ghost. Which makes sense as Peter had a fondness for taxi cabs.

RTBY Egon has been available since August 15. RTBY Peter is coming in January 2012.

Slime Blower Ray

Slime Blower Ray is the first of two Ghostbusters II toys being released in October. This was easy to predict as Slime Blower Winston was released in June 2011. Winston came with the tri-pod trap. It’s a great accessory, like SB Ray I would have preferred he came with a ghost too. Suggestion: “Zombie head stick” ghost. If not too scary, maybe we’ll see it in a 2 pack for example.

Slime Blower Ray’s ghost accessory is the cinema ghost that wouldn’t allow movie goers to enjoy a Eugene Levy movie. Insert your own jokes if you want.

I knew this blog entry would be pretty long. We’ll pick it up in the next blog posts.

The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 28


From NOW™ – February 1991

Hat Trick!

Story: James Van Hise

Pencils: Neil Grahame

Inks: Jim Brozman

Colors: Tony’s Angels

Letters: Caren Skibell

Art Director: Michele Mach

Editor: Katherine (as Kate) Llewellyn

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: Joseph Allen & Jim Brozman

Scanned and restored in April 2012 by Richard Roy

“The Ghostbusters experience some down time, and Egon and Janine decide to take advantage by having a stroll through Central Park. They eventually wind up at the estate her cousin Michele had just inherited and learn that the place is haunted. They meet a ghost named Aaron whose mother was possessed by the spirit of the evil witch Ginerva and ritually killed him. With Ginerva’s host body dead, her essence lies in the hat that Michele had found and put on! With Ginerva in Michele’s body, Alec’s life is in danger unless Egon and Janine can stop her.”

  1. Info: This issue’s title, Hat Trick is a play on words. One definition for hat trick is: “an extremely clever or adroit maneuver.”
  2. Goof, perhaps because no one cared: Issue 28 was published in December, its cover date is marked as February.
  3. Info: When Issue 28 was being published, NOW Comics had filed for bankruptcy. All their comics were cancelled.

NOW at Ghostbusters Firehouse:

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