The Real Ghostbusters Toys

Inspired by Ghostbusters™ toys archives and collectors sites I wanted to build a continuous growing section for Ectocontainment where I could talk about the history of Ghostbusters™ toys, show them off from my (growing) collection, and talk about them how children of the ‘80s and Ghostbusters fans remember them.

I began the project initially this past May. I didn’t really begin to make the time for it before last weekend. I started by taking a lot of photos of my The Real Ghostbusters, Diamond Select/Art Asylum and Mattel (Matty) toys.

“Chapter 1” is about/for Kenner. Where I talk about and show off some of their earliest toys kinda based off the movie.

Because it was early on and their were only 2 of them I cover the plush toys.

The next update will be about the first Hero action figures. I’ll post more about that in the next entry.


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