Ghostbusters Plushie Toys

In my opinion some companies who have a license to make Ghostbusters™ merchandise don’t always produce what fans want to buy. I understand too their is a balance with ghostheads and the public. Personally I feel Toy Factory is one of the toy companies who have found that balance. Toy Factory makes plushie toys for claw game machines and related arcades where you need a certain number of tickets or coins to redeem a prize.

The 5 Ghostbusters plushies probably came as a surprise to most fans when ghosthead hawaiiangb found and originally won two of the plushies at a Walmart.

From a discussion at Ghostbusters fans the five plushies are available in two different sizes. I haven’t seen any of them in person as my local Walmart doesn’t have a claw game machine and I haven’t been able to visit places in the area that have the claw machines.

The plushies are definitely a bit nostalgic. The smaller, regular size Slimer reminds me of Kenner’s first version of the green ghost. I really like it.

Update: Ghosthead coasterg posted 2 days ago in the discussion at Ghostbusters fans that the plushies are also available as prizes on the Universal Studios midway. Most noticeably Slimer and Stay Puft.

“Collect them all” wherever claw game machines and midways are located.


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