Iconic angry face version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! Press the plushy (not made of actual marshmallows) tummy to hear Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters! Each plush measures approximately 9-inches tall. “When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Plush comes from a smoke free and pet free residence. Ecto-Containment Store Underground Toys “Angry Face” Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Plush Store Section Source: Ecto-Containment

Inspired by Ghostbusters™ toys archives and collectors sites I wanted to build a continuous growing section for Ectocontainment where I could talk about the history of Ghostbusters™ toys, show them off from my (growing) collection, and talk about them how children of the ‘80s and Ghostbusters fans remember them. I began the project initially this past May. I didn’t really begin to make the time for it before last weekend. I started… Read More

In my opinion some companies who have a license to make Ghostbusters™ merchandise don’t always produce what fans want to buy. I understand too their is a balance with ghostheads and the public. Personally I feel Toy Factory is one of the toy companies who have found that balance. Toy Factory makes plushie toys for claw game machines and related arcades where you need a certain number of tickets or coins to redeem… Read More