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Underground Toys Angry Stay-Puft Added To Ecto-Containment Store

Iconic angry face version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! Press the plushy (not made of actual marshmallows) tummy to hear Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters! Each plush measures approximately 9-inches tall. “When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Plush comes… Continue Reading “Underground Toys Angry Stay-Puft Added To Ecto-Containment Store”

The Real Ghostbusters Toys

Inspired by Ghostbusters™ toys archives and collectors sites I wanted to build a continuous growing section for Ectocontainment where I could talk about the history of Ghostbusters™ toys, show them off from my (growing) collection, and talk about them how children of the ‘80s… Continue Reading “The Real Ghostbusters Toys”

Ghostbusters Plushie Toys

In my opinion some companies who have a license to make Ghostbusters™ merchandise don’t always produce what fans want to buy. I understand too their is a balance with ghostheads and the public. Personally I feel Toy Factory is one of the toy companies who… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters Plushie Toys”

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