I’m going to try something new (for me) when writing blog entries about the issues I’ve put up. I may include brief observations or notes as a quick reference. If I look further into something I’ll credit the source. Observations/notes follow the issue description.

Video Nasties

“A group of ghosts take over a low-rated TV station, and the Ghostbusters are hired by the station manager to deal with the problem. The Ghostbusters arrive to find an Egyptian motif inside the station and a horde of ghosts ready to fight them. If that wasn’t enough, they also come face-to-face with The Nameless One again! Ghosts, Mummies and bad reruns…could this mean cancellation for the Ghostbusters?”

  1.  TV commercial shows an Alien from Aliens.
  2. Egon was working on a completely different Ecto-3 from what was used twice in The Real Ghostbusters. This comic version was completely different from Kenner’s Ecto-3 toy vehicle as well.
  3. Beginning with this issue NOW included a 2 page letters section after the story concluded.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 6. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


“Three “ninjas” are loose on the city and committing robberies.  The catch: they’re using a werewolf! The NYPD contacts the Ghostbusters for help just as the thieves hit the Natural History Museum, taking a mummy unearthed with King-Tut. The Ghostbusters face off with the wolf at the scene, managing to free it of the collar keeping it under the ninjas’ control. The Ghostbusters get a surprise when Irene, the werewolf’s human form, appears at their doorstep asking for their help!”

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 5. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


“Mob boss Caesar Caldoni’s long-lost vault is found and opened on live TV to reveal…a rusting old jalopy. While not good for television, it’s made even worse when the ghosts of Webby “The Tractor” McBain’s mob, the only rivals of the Caldoni mob, escape the vault and pick up where they left off in the 20s. Their first goal; to settle an old score against Caldoni by hitting all the places he ran back in their day. Their last stop is Caldoni’s main hideout…which is now a children’s hospital!”

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 4. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


“While taking care of some toxic waste from the chemical plant, a barrel fell off the transport truck and landed into the nearby swamp, allowing a monster to rise up and attack the plant! The Ghostbusters are called in to deal with the problem as the creatures return for more chemical meals. But, instead of stopping them, the Ghostbusters might actually have to HELP them!”

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 3. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


“Plans come together as the time travelers release Captain Nemo in exchange for the location of his ship, the Nautilus, and its power source. Their goal: to destroy the Earth of today to make their time to their liking!  Meanwhile, Sl’g, their former mentor, finds Winston and they enlist each other’s aid to track down the rest of the Ghostbusters to stop Sl’g’s former assistants. But, another problem arises when all are said and accounted for except for Ray, who’s somewhere in outer space!”

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 2. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)

The Real Ghostbusters Comics


About 4 years ago when I was putting together the old sub site I knew I wanted to add The Real Ghostbusters comic books. For personal reasons it had to be put on hold indefinitely or 2012. Before I started writing about Kenner toys I knew I was getting a little closer to when I could start adding comics to Ectocontainment.™

After Paul from Spook Central and Matthew from GB Wiki began launching the Ghostbusters PDF eBook Preservation Project which is to include Ghostbusters comics I chimed in about contributing to the digital preservation of Ghostbusters comics, beginning with The Real Ghostbusters issues from NOW Comics. (Ghostbusters Firehouse) Just as I had with The Real Ghostbusters Magazines. (Ghostbusters Firehouse) At the time I didn’t know when I could start this as I was getting ready to write about the history of Ghostbusters toys.

This week I scanned Issue 1 (Ghostbusters Firehouse) cover-to-cover and restored it as kids and teens probably would have seen it at comic book shops and finer retailers in August 1988. Their could be slight imperfections mainly with advertising which contains a dark background. With comic book pages some imperfections were left intentionally as that’s how it was originally printed. It gives the comics a bit of a nostalgic charm.

Ghostbusters Legos?


When I first posted about The Real Ghostbusters minimates last September I had talked about how growing up I would have wanted Ghostbusters™ Lego toys. The only official toys that could be compared in the 21st Century are the Ghostbusters minimates from Art Asylum/Diamond Select.

It seems surprising today that Lego didn’t produce Ghostbusters or The Real Ghostbuster Lego toys and sets during the series run. A little research for Lego toys based on movie properties in the 1980s didn’t come up with anything conclusive.

In the twenty teens fans may get Ghostbusters Legos yet. Cuusoo is a Lego community that designs and support Lego toys that their members and definitely others would want to see be made. This wouldn’t necessarily be newsworthy for Ectocontainment,™ except for a couple of things. They’re coming up with ideas for potential Ghostbusters legos (like the Ecto-1 above) and Cuusoo has the ear of Lego.

Really? Yes! After 10,000 people signed one of Cuusoo’s petitions for Minecraft Lego agreed they would look into that properties license. If Cuusoo’s Ghostbusters petition reaches 10,000 supporters (155 + as of February 17, 2012) Lego will evaluate the possibility of acquiring the rights to make a Ghostbusters Lego series.

Please check it out. sign the petition, and share it through your choice of social media.

Photo Credit: TeeKay

Kenner: Ecto-Charger Pack


When it came to toys based on Ghostbusters II Kenner didn’t fully capitalize on the potential opportunities. Even with a The Real Ghostbusters episode, Partners In Slime which has the most Ghostbusters II influence.

The toy someone was bound to make because of Ghostbusters II was the Slime Blower. Fortunately as Kenner made The Real Ghostbusters toys and had previously made a Proton Pack they created the Ecto-Charger Pack.™

Kenner: Ghost Grab-A-Meter


When it came to The Real Ghostbusters toy weapons and tying them into Ghostbusters II their was only one you could say is directly from the movie. That’s the Ecto-Charger. The Ghost Grab-A-Meter™ on the other hand while not exactly based on equipment from Ghostbusters II reminds me of a Slime Scoop merged with a Giga Meter.


Kenner: Ecto-Blaster


The Ecto-Blaster™ may have been the most realistic The Real Ghostbusters weapon Kenner ever made. It had similarities to a gun and can quickly fire a type of projectile without reloading.

Kenner: Ghost Spooker Trap


As previously mentioned the Ghost Trap™ was one of my favorite toys. When Kenner came out with a second ghost trap called a Ghost Spooker™ that makes spooky noises, I wanted one.

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